6 Ways to Fail WASSCE 2020  Exams and beyond 

Failing just like excelling in an exam can be fun packed and challenging if you plan it well. This is not sarcasm but the reality. You can also decide not to plan to pass the exams and that plan will be good enough to help you fail fast and easy with less stress.

The ways to fail Exams abound. It is said that, failing to plan is planning to fail. Whether you are writing a WASSCE exams, BECE, End of semester, end of term exams or any kind of professional exams, you better get serious before you fail to make the needed pass mark. 

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Here are 6 surefire ways to fail your next exam especially those who will be seating for the 2020 WASSCE. You actually have enough time to orchestrate your own failure if you want to.

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6 Ways to Fail WASSCE 2020  Exams

I have seen many students fail an exams several months before the examination and if it has not dawned on you that you are failing, then here are the signs to wake you up.

#1 Cram at the last minute

Many students fail to start their preparation early for an impending exams. Any student who waits till the last minute to try to cram  everything is more likely to fail.  You will not be able to  remember it better if you try learning it at the  last minute. Only those working at failing do that. If you want to fail WASSCE 2020  Exams and beyond, just do your best to cram at the last minute.

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#2 Arrive late for the exam

Arrive late for the exam. It is always advised that students seating an exams should be seated at least 30 minutes to the paper. Sadly some arrive late. There are even students who have forgotten the schedules of the exams and only got to the exam hall late or never at all. If you lose track for the exams time table and changes made if any by the school or examining body, then get ready to screw up in the exams.

#3 Use only practice exams to prepare

There many students who only use suggested or likely examination questions to prepare. Such an approach can be deadly. Many examinations keep repeating question or give questions that are similar to the past seating. The you fail to practice with past questions, the higher the probability that, you will kiss the canvas in the exams hall. Some times, examiners pick the questions right from past questions.  

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#4 Don’t bother taking notes

 Don’t bother taking notes. Note taking is an important activity during lectures through which you keep track of relevant information on topics and lessons. It serves as an excellent guide for your learning of the main material. As summary of explanations provided by the teacher or lecturer helps you understand the lesson as well. Its only a few brilliant students who can sit in a session at school, and follow through without making notes but it is always better to make your own notes.

Summarizing the text or topic in your own words without losing the meaning communicated makes revising more easy as well. If you are not doing this, clap for your self, you are failing without consciously knowing. If you are like many of us who have to learn the same thing over and over again to understand, then you must bother taking notes because it will make your work easy. 

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#5 Skip practicing your skills

Skip practicing your skills. This can cause you your success. Practice makes perfect. If you fail to practice sample questions under the same examination rules that govern the test, you are likely to mess up in the exams. Don’t bother reviewing exam topics provided by the lecturer or teacher if you want to fail the exams. Drinking a lot of coffee right before your exams will only make you uncomfortable.  Avoid it if you want to do well in the exams.

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#6 Don’t bother asking questions in class

Don’t bother asking questions in class, Don’t find an effective  study group of partner for your studies. This approach makes it very easy to fail. No matter how brilliant you are, study groups that are well planned and with serious study mates can improve the probability of achieving success. Group discussions are like magic, they help you understand a lot, helps you get excellent explanations and examples from your peers. Studying alone is never always the best. Think twice unless you want to fail. 

Bonus advise for those who want to make their failure happen so easily is don’t be disciplined. Discipline is the best companion of hard working purposely students.

 If you actually want to conquer your exam, and come out with flying colours, do all the positives, do the opposite of all the wrong stuffs in this write up and let us get ready to celebrate your next success. 

However, you can get ready to suffer the next failure by making the wrong choices.

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