79 thoughts on “2020/2021 Teacher Training Colleges Admission Requirements

  1. I had D7 in English language. C5 in core maths. C6 in social studies E8 in integrated science. B3 in Accounting. B3 in costing. C4 in business management will i get admission

  2. Is the pin out? I am trying to purchase one via mobile money but it’s not available. I’ve gone to GCB also but still they said it’s not available as at 10th February, 2020. Please help

    1. Please I have buy the teachers training admission forms but when filled it did not verily my result. My result is TEU/NABPTEX results. So I help so that I filled this forms.Because all friends with this results too are saying the thing. So please we need your help.

  3. I had c6 in math, c6 in English, c6 in science, b3 in food c5 in GKA and d7 in biology can I get admission to training college

  4. I had B2 in social studies, C4 in Core Math, C6 in English D7 in Science, B3 in Economics, C4 in Government, C5 in History and C5 also in Fante will I get an admission

  5. I had c6 in English,b3 in maths,b3 in science,b3 in social,c4 in biology,c5 in elective maths and d7 in chemistry .pls can I apply for B.Ed in science and maths or general program

      1. Please ,I have buy teacher training college admission forms, but when I filled the forms with my NABPTEX and TEU result it didn’t verify. Please I need your help, can I no why? Because I have nice result. And is not only me who have this problem ,all those having this results are have the some problem. So please i need your help and filled this forms. If we can not go to training college with NABPTEX /TEU results too, please let me no. Please I am waiting for the reply I beg your let me no please.

        1. Please I have buy the teachers training admission forms but when filled it did not verily my result. My result is TEU/NABPTEX results. So I help so that I filled this forms.Because all friends with this results too are saying the thing. So please we need your help

  6. Please am with napbtex
    Credit in English
    Credit in science and passes in 3 electives but fail in maths will i be admitted

  7. C6 English
    C6 Science
    C6 Social Studies
    E8 Maths
    B2 Ceramics
    C4 GKA
    B3 Picture Making
    I completed Takoradi Technical University
    With HND Higher National Diploma in Ceramics Art

    Please do I qualify for admission into the college of education because I have interest in teaching, I’ve been teaching after I did my national service

  8. Please i tried to get my pin through vodafone cash but I couldn’t till now please what should i do when I get to the last option which is to buy, it doesn’t come please help me

  9. c6 in English
    c6 in science
    c4 in maths
    b2 in social studies
    b2 in government
    c4 in geography
    c4 in economics
    d7 in E.maths
    will i get admission

  10. Please can i had
    English C6,
    Social C4,
    Science C5,
    C Maths C4,
    Geography C4,
    Economics C5,
    Government B3,
    E Maths E8.
    can I study B.Ed in Maths and IT at any college

  11. I was filling the teacher training college form and when I got to verification of results, the system failed to verify despite my relentless attempt. Is it because I am using NABPTEX/TEU results?, because colleagues using wassce/sssce went through thanks.

  12. Can you get admission in teacher training college with this grade, A1 in social,C5 in English,C4 in Maths,E8 in Science,B3 in chemistry,B2 in agriculture,C6 in animal husbandry,B3 in physics.

  13. In 2016 someone with social A1, English C5, maths D7, science E8, Agriculture B3, Physics B3, Animal husbandry C6 and chemistry D7.WIl the person at the time please

  14. pls will I get admission with this results
    English c5
    maths c6
    social b2
    science c6
    economics c4
    c.r.s. b3
    fante. b3
    history. c5

  15. please add 0239471851 to any WhatsApp group concerning training college 2020 for me and 0550613050

  16. Hi please I completed SHS in 2018 but got e8 in math, d7 in English and c5 in Science so I wrote another in 2019 in a different School I had e8, in Science and b3 in Math
    and the rest was good as well ,So can I combine the two certificate for admission please

  17. Please are admissions on going and is the forms still available.? And also I had B3 in both French and Social Studies, C4 in English , C5 in science and government, C6 in literature and geography and an E in maths .. Can I apply..??

  18. Pls I had maths c6, English c5, science D7, social b3. Econs c6, govt b2 and geo c6. Becos of the science can they consider me with the social.
    And pls is the admission list out

  19. English :C4
    Please with these grades will I get admission

  20. Can a business student holding GENERAL BUSINESS CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS (GBCE) and passes in all subjects get admission?.

  21. Please do you have a campus in Accra and for the Technical as pect, how about someone gets passes in the core and credit in the elective please??

  22. Please I had
    C6 in English
    C6 in social
    B3 in Food and Nutrition
    B3 in GKA
    D7 in MGT in living
    E8 in Core maths
    F9 in n science
    F9 in Biology
    If I apply to any training college will I get admission

  23. I had Core mathematics A1 , English B3, Social Studies B3 , Integrated science B2 and my electives are
    Economics, Geography, Government and Further Mathematics and their all A1. Please can I be offer B Ed Mathematics and Science.

  24. Please do teacher training college students still recieve their allowance monthly?And does it apply to all the public colleges or just a few of them ?

    1. Pls I had social c6,English c6,maths D7, science e8,Economics c4, biology c6,food& nutrition b3 Can I get admission in a college of education

  25. I had b3 in maths b3 in social b3 in English but science was canceled can I have admission Into the college of education

  26. Please I had A1 in Soc Stud., B3 in Eng. Lang., B2 in Maths and Science., A1 in Cost Accounting, B3 in Financial Accounting and Bus.MGT and C5 in Economics.Can I apply for Mathematics and IT(as I didn’t offer Elective Mathematics)?

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