Authentic Apor for passing 2019 BECE


The BECE is here again and to help students pass the exams, teachers to give the candidates, the last “apor” and help parents support their children to excel at the 2019 BEC. Let us dive into the crucial apor for the BECE come June 10 2019.

Avoid Examination Mall

But first of all, the apor here are not leaked examination questions or any other related activity but rather to caution all candidates, teachers and parents who will want to tarnish the image of WEAC and GES by engaging in any form of examination malpractices to put away the diabolic plans and focused their efforts and energy on preparing well and psyching up towards the one week examination that will see candidates taking up to 9 subjects from 10th June to 14th June 2019.

Watch your Health

Our second apor to candidates it to be careful with their health and maintain and good and healthy lifestyle a few days to the examination so as not to fall ill and miss any of the papers.

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Have self-belief

We encourage you to also, believe in yourself and all that your teachers have painstakingly taught you, explained and reechoed during your lessons. Enter the examination hall with unwavering self-belief and give off your best. Do not let any question intimidate you because if it happens chances are that, it can impact your results negatively.

Be on time

Another apor is that, ensure you get to the exams centre early enough and be seated at least 30mins to the paper. This gives you some level of emotional stability and helps you relax for the day’s work. Late arrival can be very frustrating.

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Have enough Rest before the paper

Prepare well in the last few days and enough rest before each paper. You need your brain to be at full force to recollect, think through and the procedure relevant answers to questions.

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Put this apor into practice and let us make the good grades we deserve after nice(9) years of basic education in Ghana.



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