WAEC is already leaking ahead of Private WASSCE 2019 (NOV/DEC)

I have arrested private WASSCE 2019 as indicated by an Apor (Leaked Exams Question) trader should not be taken kindly. What is these guys really have the private WASSCE 2019 exams questions or have links with persons within WAEC who will supply these for a fee at the blind side of WAEC’s vigilance.

Newsghana24 holds the view that there are elements within our education system who seem to have turned the WAEC exams at all levels into a cash cow.

Dangers posed by exams fraudsters

These elements who trade in leaked examination questions are not only making students lazy, helping them gain undue advantage over others but negatively impacting the credibility of our examinations and the hard work of genuinely hard-working candidates who burn the midnight candle just to excel.


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Private WASSCE 2019 or the NOV/DEC exams may have been compromised already if people can make claims that “All questions and instant answers will deliver mid-night, even comma will not escape”.

This is the assurance given candidates, guardians, parents, and teachers who might be interested in helping their wards go through the exams successfully.

If these questions “Drop” the candidate passes the exams and is saved the stress and financial burden of re-siting the same paper again and again. How safe are the questions for the NOV/DEC 2019 exams? 

“Continue doubting, while others are making payment to reduce their exam stress. You will end up paying to the wrong person or source and you will chew your pen on that very day in the exam hall” – Such a comment from the traders is not only persuading but also paints a picture that, one need not be stressed up writing the WAEC examination whether in a school or as a private candidate. Is the NOV/DEC exams going to be free from leakaged by such elements?

Annoyingly, they tell those who are not buying questions and answers that “You can decide to learn rubbish” Thus they provide their customers with what needs to be learned so that candidates do not end up learning the entire book for notes for any subject.

WAEC has over the years, published statements and press releases to warn the general public of exams fraudsters but come to think of it. Has WAEC asked independent researchers to do any research to authenticate whether the so-called Exams fraudsters are not really selling genuine dito dito questions of the council to candidates?

If the so-called fraudsters are actually so and do not have access to the examination questions, how do students get access to the questions and answers leading to the withholding of results of over 48,000 candidates as a result of alleged irregularities or examination malpractices?

WAEC, the truth is that your examinations are compromised and not all those who might have engaged in examination malpractices or had access to the examination questions before the exams through such dubious exams question traders were caught by your vigilance.

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