2019 NOV/DEC examination leakage ready for all subjects: Can WAEC foil this?

NOV/DEC examination leakage ready for all subjects: Can WAEC foil this? The Nov/Dec 2019 private candidates examination will be compromised massively come August 13thwhen it commences nationwide. Individuals who call themselves the “Dons” when it comes to examination leakages will hit a big jackpot this month if WAEC does not put its house in order.

WAEC is a respected and revered examination body in Ghana and Africa. Students can attest to this fact as and when their examination to be organized by the examining body draws nearer.

Today, that is dwindling gradually because; leakage of examination papers (Questions) has turned into a big thriving business in Ghana and WAEC seems to have no novelty in dealing with it.

In the wake of the 2019 BECE and WASSCE, newsghana24.com raised the alarm of likely leakages, and then followed up with a piece of news indicating students’ results were in the public domain. Nothing seemed to have been done about it.

The internal security systems and all those who handle examination questions until it gets to the final student in the exams hall must be monitored with an eagle’s eye.

Individuals and groups of persons selling exams questions to candidates, first charge candidates or their parents or guardians a fee to register the interested party, and then add the applicant to their VIP group where they leak such questions.

An excerpt of that message is this “Registration will end soon make sure you are in the VIP group before I close Registration”.

If WAEC fails to do the needful only for people to have an undue advantage by having prior knowledge of the examination question, then, the blame must be put squarely on them and not students.

As we speak, over 48,000 students have had their WASSCE 2019 results withheld by the examining body for all manner of examination irregularities. Some of the reasons have to do with students having access to examination questions ahead of the exams.

The fact is that, no candidate works in WAEC, No candidate approves the questions to be supplied, No candidate prints the questions nor distributes the questions. Why punish them for the lack of proactiveness and best quality assurance practices by WAEC and its staff?

According to a Whatsapp message in possession of newsghana24.com.The so-called gurus of WAEC exams leakage are saying that they will leak all subject or have what it takes to do that.

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English Language

Integrated Science

Mathematics (Core)

Social Studies


General Agriculture

Animal Husbandry

Crop Husbandry



Mathematics (Elective)




ICT (Elective)

Business Management

Financial Accounting

Principles of Cost accounting







Physics Practical

Biology Practical

Chemistry Practical

Agric. Science Practical

Geography Practical


Many are called but few were selected

Nov/Dec registration still in progress

All questions set at hand

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If there are people who can leak all these questions, then WAEC is very fragile and its systems might have been compromised. NOV/DEC examination leakage ready for all subjects: Can WAEC foil this?

WAEC, do the needful, your NOV/DEC will be compromised if you seat down unconcerned or believe you have an excellent system in place; it will be breached right within your facility. A word to a wise…

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