Ghana Tourism Authority Celebrates National Chocolate Week with a Wellness Walk

The Savannah regional office of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) organized a health walk on Saturday, February 17, as part of the National Chocolate Week celebration at the Larabanga Mosque near Damongo in the Western Gonja District in the Northern Region. The nineteenth National Chocolate Week celebration was under the theme: “Eat Chocolate, Stay Healthy,…

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Date for vetting of Newly Nominated Ministers

Parliament to Use Local Languages

To preserve and advance Ghanaian culture, Parliament should start using its native tongues when conducting business on the House floor. A Member of Parliament (MP) may utilise any of the local languages, subject to interpretation and translation to everyone’s understanding, according to Order 63 of the revised Standing Orders. That is anticipated to begin during…

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Hotel cleaner who stole

BREAKING: Hotel cleaner who stole millionaire’s sperm from a used condom, got pregnant and won child support battle (Flash back)

It was a worldwide breaking news story about the hotel cleaner who stole a millionaire’s sperm from a used condom, ended up getting pregnant with it, and even won a child support battle at the court in Las Vegas. These fascinating and strange outcomes unfolded before the world in 2019. A 40-year-old Las Vegas hotel…

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Wetlands not Wastelands; conserving Keta Lagoon to mitigate climate change and enhance human well-being

Wetlands are fragile ecosystems yet of high biodiversity importance. They form part of the marine ecosystem and are essential for preventing coastal erosion, water filtration, provision of shelter from storms, and serve as a habitat for a variety of threatened and endangered species such as crocodiles, marine turtles, crustaceans etc. Their positive contribution to several…

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