Ghana Learning TV Lessons Time Table – Check it here

Ghana Learning TV

I have released the Ghana Learning TV lessons time table for 3rd April to help students at all levels in SHS be part of the lessons.

According to the Ghana Learning TV, the lessons will start at 8:30 am just like a normal school day.



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Each lesson is 45 minutes followed by a 15 minutes break. This adds up to one hour per session.

The first three hours will be mathematics hour for SHS 3,2 and 1 respectively

8:30 -9:30   – Mathematics – SHS3

9:30 -10:30  – Mathematics – SHS2

10:30 -11:30  – Mathematics – SHS1


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English Language Hour- Ghana Learning TV Time Table

11:30 -12:30  – English Langauge – SHS3

12:30 -13:30  – English Langauge – SHS2

13:30 -14:30  – English Langauge – SHS1

Science Hour Time Table for the Ghana Learning TV Time Table

14:30 -15: 30  – Core Science  – SHS3

15:30 -16: 30  – Core Science  – SHS2

16:30 -17: 30  – Core Science  – SHS1


Social Studies on Ghana Learning TV

17:30 -18: 30  – Social Studies  – SHS3

18:30 -19: 30  – Social Studies  – SHS2

19:30 -20: 30  – Social Studies  – SHS1


Which level of education can study from Ghana Learning TV?

All SHS students can study on Ghana Learning TV which hs been rolled out for SHS students at all levels. Thus lessons are organized for SHS1, SHS2 and SHS3 students while the COVID-19 pandemic is being curtailed.


Source: NewsGhana24


59 thoughts on “Ghana Learning TV Lessons Time Table – Check it here

  1. Thank You honourable minister and all your technical team for this intervention in this difficult times in our lives. Please help some of us parent who don’t have more knowledge into this advanced technology. How can I get it on my TV for my children .
    Thank You.

  2. Pls Hw can we ask questions??
    wat if i am not coping with wat de tutor x teaching??what will i do plz??

  3. Good afternoon
    Please is it only core subject and can we access the videos online so that we can learn different topics

  4. Yes, I am a JHS student final year, you say that “Education from kindergarten to SHS
    please we final years need it do anything to give us the timrtable for JHS LESSONS

  5. Please can’t it be aired on DSTV or GoTV because some of us are not getting really strong signals with our TV antenna.

  6. With the online platform when I logged in for the first time I could get access to the page but now am using my default username and password but it tells me wrong login
    Creating an app will help

  7. Are the tv studies going to last till we go back to school or there is a certain period for which they were meant to last?

  8. Please, how can I get access to the teaching materials(notes) for the SHS lessons, especially the Mathematics?

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