10 SMART Strategies for passing 2019 BECE

10 SMART Strategies for passing 2019 BECE

Every examination is passable if you get things right on the day. We present to you 10 SMART Strategies for passing 2019 BECE

Avoid Distraction before the paper

It’s important that as the time for starting the exams draws nearer on the day, you distance yourself from the crowd.

Stop referring to your notes and textbooks at least twenty minutes to the paper.

This explains why WEAC expects you to be seated at least 30 minutes to the paper. However, you can stop referring to your materials even before WAEC asks you to enter the exams hall. If you fail to do this, you can easily get confused.

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Bullet your last moment preparations points

Do not waste the limited time you have on the exams day reading a whole note or text book. Rather, concentrate on bulleting. For example. In your social Studies text book, bolded bullet points are followed by explanations. Instead of reading the explanations as revision at the last moment, read the bullet points.

Recollect what you learnt quietly

Do not panic a few hours to the exams rather, get a quiet place, sit and try to recollect what you have learnt. Thinking through and recollecting helps boost confidence and confirms what you have been able to retain. In some instances, you may

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Be calm and don’t panic in the exams hall

Many candidates start panicking the moment they enter the exams hall. Please, relax, take deep breaths and tell yourself, you will enjoy this moment in a calm way. Reassuring your self will further ensure you are at ease.

Read the instructions on your paper

Make sure have read and understood the rules governing the particular paper and every instruction for each question. For example, if the question requires you to list two points. List the best two you know and move on. Obey the rules, save time for other questions and build confidence. Just all examination rules and guidelines. I turned in an examination script at the university only to come out to now read an important instruction I failed to read. Don’t do the same mistake.

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Establish contact with your invigilator

Do not be scared of the invigilator but give him or her all the respect. Call the Invigilators attention if the need be. Sometimes, we get confused with laid down rules. Do not hesitate to call the invigilator to reassure you of the rules of the paper.

Don’t establish contact with mates

It is an offence to be seen trying to chat another candidate. This can be the end or increase your stress level if caught.

Arm yourself with all acceptable materials needed

Never enter your exams hall unprepared as far us your materials needed are concerned. Never go lending erasers, pencils and all that. Be prepared

Relax and be positive minded

In the exams hall, the last thing you want to happen to you is to entertain fear. Don’t be nervous, never, it is one of the reasons why some people fail papers that should have been passed. Stress in the exams hall is common but managing it is the best way to the top.

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We at Newsghana24.com wish you all the best at the 2019 BECE. Come up tops. Senior High School education is waiting for you.

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