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Dr Bawumia's 70-point Agenda Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s victory speech

Dr Bawumia’s 70-point Agenda (Vision) for Ghana

Dr. Bawumia’s 70-point agenda (vision) for Ghana was sampled from the February 7 speech he delivered. Dr Bawumia’s 70-point Agenda (Vision) for Ghana: 1st 20 1. A growth mindset curriculum to help students build critical skills such as problem-solving, risk-taking, opportunity spotting, and design thinking. 2. Enhance the repositioning of the education system towards…

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Hotel cleaner who stole

BREAKING: Hotel cleaner who stole millionaire’s sperm from a used condom, got pregnant and won child support battle (Flash back)

It was a worldwide breaking news story about the hotel cleaner who stole a millionaire’s sperm from a used condom, ended up getting pregnant with it, and even won a child support battle at the court in Las Vegas. These fascinating and strange outcomes unfolded before the world in 2019. A 40-year-old Las Vegas hotel…

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