Teachers exchange intellectual blows over who deserves to be posted

Teachers exchange intellectual blows over who deserves to be posted with one rebattal in exchange for another and on and on it goes. 

Publications on the posting of graduates of Colleges of education come September and the seemingly sidelining of their counterparts who graduated from the universities with the same qualifications has taken centre stage today.

The two groups of teachers continue to legitimize their reasons and call on government to consider them or post them instead of the other or both.

The most recent of such publications sighted by newsghana24.com is shared below. Be rest assured, this battle consideration lingers on. 



Having read thoroughly the scribes of  “education students 2018” seeking the green light to be employed by government or face their wrath (votes), I felt disappointed upon grasping the nitty gritty of the conveners.

As a ‘by-birth’ citizen of mother GHANA, I thought it wise uncovering the covered once it may draw the curtains for who must or not be posted /employed.

To set the records straight, I will like to thank the acclaimed convener for such a marvelous job done.

Despite the WRONG KEY (COMPARISON) used by you to ensure that you were posted directly (which has never happened before) at all cost by the current government, you still deem applause for your service to your compatriots but like I adumbrated, it was a dead horse beaten.

Now, to the inners of the matter, you got the following wrong and have to go and come back clean once you shook for equity;

1. The education ministry circular never said newly trained teachers will be posted directly by September but that all newly trained teachers who passed their licensure exams and are undergoing their mandatory NSS; which they were given appointment letters in 2018 December but began their service on the 7th of January, 2019 would be posted as at September depending on the vacancies declared by GES.

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2. You again got it wrong upon claiming to be an education student and never knew that for the past years and even now, teachers from the colleges were/ are posted directly to the classroom after completion.

The trends only changed slightly this year because there’s the need to standardize the education system in the country.

And that was the more reason why licensure exams and NSS were concurrently conferred on the newly trained teacher.

In short, find the right key to unlock your door of employment and stop threatening the government and also comparing yourself to the newly trained teacher.

In case you improve in threatening the government, the results will be ‘references to what was done by Adam.

And on the side of comparison with the newly trained teacher, you will be asked to bring your license certificate for employment since the same was said to the newly trained teacher.

To draw the curtains, you could use suitable and sugarcoating channels to getting your employment rather than comparing yourself to the licensed teacher for the same bait.

Meanwhile, the licensed teacher would be as happy as the winners of the just ended AFCON should your plea be heard of. Best wishes as you strive further.

3 thoughts on “Teachers exchange intellectual blows over who deserves to be posted

  1. hahaha.

    there are graduates of UNIVERSITY who read Diploma in Basic Education who also passed their NTC exam and undergone the mandatory service so the GES should post them as well.
    UCC-CODE gradutes have same qualification as COEs graduates

  2. Those who also offered their diploma program from the various universities didn’t enjoy any allowance yet a number of us took student loan to pay for our tuition fee together with interest, we supposed to settle all debt after school, so we are humbly channeling grievances to the president and minister of education to consider us and post us coming September

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