Post Us Or We Vote Against You: (UCC-CODE) Graduates threaten Government

Post us or we vote against you (UCC-CODE) graduates tell government as the issues about the so called selective posting of teachers becomes a topical issue among affected graduates.

(UCC-CODE) graduates are not mincing words in their quest to get posted to schools come September 2019. Two earlier publications on this same issue captured the views of two groups of teachers thus, College of Education and University –Education graduates.

But, there is more information out there than one can imagine. (UCC-CODE) graduates write:

The University of Cape Coast -Distance graduates who read Basic Education related courses are pleading with GES to consider them in posting coming September.

This follows post circulating on all social media platforms that “trained teachers from various colleges who passed their NTC exams and have completed their National Service would be posted by GES”

Our question is that, how different is Training College graduates from UCC-CoDE graduates since they all get same qualification after completing.

Graduates of UCC-CoDE are subjected to compulsory National service and same way College graduates are expected to do same.

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College graduates are to pass the NTC exams that would make them professionals the same way UCC-CoDE graduates are passing the NTC exams as well and this also makes them professionals.

GES, since passing NTC exams and completing National service are the criteria for posting teachers coming September then UCC-CoDE graduates who read Basic Education Courses should also be posted since they all meet the required qualifications.

UCC-CoDE GRADUTES it’s high time we stand and voice out our grievances to put a stop to these discriminations against us as far as posting of teachers is concern.

We are therefore pleading with the government and GES to consider us in the posting or we vote massively against them coming 2020 general election.

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