UCC and UDS graduate teachers scared of not being posted

Graduates of University of Cape Coast and University of Development Studies who studied education related causes are in a limbo as to whether they will be posted come September 2019.

The fear and panic of graduates of the above universities is as a result of certain publications on this very matter circulating on social media according to sources.

It is important that Government through the minister of education, the Ghana Education Service and other stakeholders come out to clear the air on this matter if the news is false.

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The news that is currently circulating is that, teachers who have graduated from the two universities must not be made to go through any avoidable stress before they are posted to help impact knowledge across the country in September, when government’s new syllabus is rolled out.

These university graduates studied Basic Education while others studied early Childhood Education but they are not part of the recruitment because they are graduates from University of Cape Coast and University of Development Studies

Trained teachers from the colleges of education will be posted coming September. However, they commenced their National Service in February 2019 and will be posted after that.

Some of the graduates feel the education sector is being influenced by deep rooted political decisions. What they graduates find difficult to understand is that, while they started their service somewhere September 2018 last year, government has not posted them yet.

The students who may be affected if the information is true are therefore calling on the Education Minister, GES to change their news headline on (trained teachers) and post all who studied education.

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Some of the disappointed graduates believe that, the government is favouring the teachers graduating from the training colleges while they are been sidelined because, the Teacher Training College  students and graduates vowed to vote the NPP government out in the 2020 general elections if they are not posted after service.

They called on government to ensure equity and fairness in their decision concerning postings comes September.

The graduates are calling for an operation post all. They also lamented that; they do not have money to pay bribes to any GES official or middle men and are not ready to engage in that nefarious activity in any form.

They have also threatened to use their thumb and voice to get government shown the exit come 2020 elections if they are not posted in September 2019.

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Source:  Concerned Graduates Who studied Education Related Courses at the University

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