Cry your own cry: College of Education graduates tell UCC and UDS graduate teachers

Cry your own cry is the message that College of education graduates are sending to UCC and UDS graduates and all University of Education Students who graduated in 2018 after studying education related courses and are calling on government to post all those who studied education no matter where they studied.

In our first article on this subject matter titled UCC and UDS graduate teachers scared of not being posted, we shared with readers one side of the story. has taking keen interest in matters concerning the posting of teachers come September 2019. In this write up we share that of teachers who seem to be favoured by the current situation. Colleges of education graduates who are favoured see nothing wrong with this.

The truth of the matter is that some of the agrieved graduates have completed college of Distance Education (UCC-CODE) and studied DIPLOMA IN BASIC EDUCATION. They have also completed the mandatory national service and passed my NTC exam yet, they have not been posted. Whiles they call on goverment to do the needful by posting them, since they have the same qualification as those who have completed the Coleeges of Edcuation, PIUS NANA ESSEL(NASSEL) writes saying:

The heated arguments all over social media about the posting of teachers are not an issue for university graduates to be lamenting on.

For all we know, it is undeniable that trained teachers are to be posted to teach at their various posted stations over the years.

The incumbent government forced these trained teachers to do a mandatory national service which was not a normal trend of how colleges of education students are treated.

Due to this incidence, we also considered it as a right decision by the government since we presumed that we shall all apply for postings irrespective of the institution we are coming from. Now, our assumptions have been proven wrong.

It is now open that the trained teachers will be posted and that’s not a new thing as far as GES recruitment is concern.

It is disgusting to find graduates pleading for posting by making allegations against trained teachers.

If we need to fight for postings we need to do so by ensuring that trained teachers are not used as points of references.

We the graduates are not mandated to be posted. However, we can apply for posting when the portal is opened.

If you genuinely passed with a correct and appealing class and also passed your licensed exams, then you might be recruited by GES.

Please colleagues; let us allow sleeping dogs to lie. It’s not news if trained teachers are posted besides not all shall be posted because some weren’t able to pass the NTC exams.

If they are posted, I repeat that it’s not a new thing so let’s calm down. Yes, it’s not news when a dog bites a man, but it is news when a man bites a dog.

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  1. Having read thoroughly the scribes of ” education students 2018″ seeking the green light to be employed by the government or face their wrath ( votes), I felt disappointed

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