Teachers Threaten DEMO over alleged GES – SIC Policy deductions for July 2019

Information gathered by newsghana24.com indicates that, teachers uin the central region are planning to storm offices of the State Insurance Company (SIC) over alleged GES – SIC Policy deductions for July 2019.

The disgrunted teachers can not understabd why the state onwed insurance company has refused to do the right thing and give teacher the choice to decide. Below is a message alleged to be coming from the C/R GNAT Chairman.

What crime has the Ghanaian Teacher committed to be treated like this?

Last year by this time, the Ghanaian Teacher woke up to realize a GHS 10.00 deduction on his payslip in the name of GES – SIC Policy without the consent of the Teacher in question.

When the teachers mounted pressure on the Employer, the deduction was put on hold, thinking that somebody or a company will go round the Country to educate the teachers on the so called policy but nothing of that sort happened.

In July, 2019. too, the GHS 10.00 deduction has resurfaced again on the Teachers Payslip.

We want to tell the management of the State Insurance Company (SIC) that teachers are not timid and we will resist any oppressors rule in this Country.

All teachers in the Central Region who are victims of the deduction will storm at the Regional office of the SIC soon to demand for our monies.

Whoever, has a hand in this dubious deduction should bow his or her head down in shame and with immediate effect should stop and cancel this policy and refund all monies deducted back to the teachers at once. Please let us respect the Rules and Laws governing this Country.

A word to the wise………

C/R GNAT Chairman


Newsghana24.com will keep you updated on any new developments on this as and when information is made available.

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