John Dramani Mahama is aimless and visionless – Moses Anim

According to Member of Parliament forTrobuand Second Deputy Majority Chief Whip, MosesAnim,NDCas a political party is aimless and has nothing good for Ghanaians.

He described former President JohnDramaniMahamaas an aimless andvisionlessleader. “Ghanaians certainly do not need such a clueless andvisionlessleadership.

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TheNDChas shown the way for change and Ghana must follow and change come 2016.” He said.

According to him, the former president and leader of the leading opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), is aimless and visionless and failed to deliver on the NDCpromises to Ghanaians, when they were in power.

“President AkufoAddois on course with good polices and one of such policies is to transform Ghana”. he added. He also accused theMahamaled government for mismanaging the economy and embezzling state funds.

“The Greatest challenge of man is not his height, or whatever, but is to place limitation on yourself and that is the style of the NDC…they never think of innovations but when you bring one, they would claim you can’t implement it, former PresidentMahamahas nothing new, he has no vision,” MosesAnimtold Kwame Tutu onAnopaNkomo on Accra-based Kingdom FM 107.7.

TheNPPMP said President, NanaAddoDankwaAkufo-Addounlike PresidentMahamaalso thinks outside the box and that isthe reason whyhe proposes ideas which former PresidentMahamaand theNDCfails to understand.

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