Cocobod Employment Fraud: Contract staff sidelined, Protocol list gets jobs

Fraud allegations are cooking at the Cocoa Marketing Company Gh. LTD as disgruntled contract staffs have been swerved. According to our sources, persons on the so-called protocol list have been offered the jobs that should have been given to those who have served the company as contract staff for several years.

The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) indicated it was worried about growing recruitment scams in March this year. However, its staff are wondering if the company has not scammed them.

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Some contract staffs have served three, four, and even fifteen years. This action by the Cocoa Marketing company Gh. LTD is seen as deception at the highest order by the contract staff who feel they have been short-changed.

The Deception so far

According to thecontractstaffs, a few months ago, the company informed its contract staff that, they should turn in their application lettersto beconsidered as permanent staff. Having worked with thecompanyfor many years and haven gained the needed skills, competences and experience, they knew this was worth the move by the company for all the hard work they have done in the past.

Theywere informedthat, the said recruitment was for only internal staff. This per their understanding meant that, onemust bea contract staff at the time of the announcement to qualify tosubmitan applicationto beconsidered

Most of the staff in thatcategorysubmitted their applications and went through the official interview.

Months later, they have learnt that, it was all a fraud tactics. Those who were contract staff and went through the recruitment process missed out and were not offered the job. However, persons who had no idea about the internal recruitment and were not contract staff had the jobs on the table.

This has got the contract staffs of the CocoA Marketing company Gh. LTD talking. Their actions and reactions have yeilded no positive feedback. The disappointed staff members believe HR and the management did not treat them well. To employ new persons through a protocol list for a job meant for existing staff is wrong.

Management and Contract staff

JoeForsonthe Managing Director had a meeting with all contract staff on the matter, however, the worse was to come. The company has suspended all its contract workers saying their attitudeis unpleasant attitude. Thiswas revealedto staff at an emergency meeting at the head office of thecompanylocated atComm.3 Gyatabu the CMC head office of Tema.

He has indicated that the contract staff were ungratefulbecausehe helpedemploythem to reduce unemployment. Hethereforedoes not see the need for staff to run to the press to criticize the leadership of the company.

This comments come in the wake of the massive march by more than 450 contract staff to the head office to demand what they called a fair treatmentin the employment ofpermanent staff.

” For so doing we have decided to cancel the appointments of all thecontract contractworkers. This action isto bein action starting from the end of this September”. He said and walked away without allowing anyone to talk.

Causal workers of the compnay feel, this is a fraud

Source: Kwame Miller 0545333362

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