Video+Pictures: NPP Cars for vote shocks Ghanaians-Seeing is believing

NPP Cars for vote shocks videos and pictures hit the internet as Ghanaians wonder if politicians really think about the ordinary citizen on how to win the next election.

Videos and pictures sighted by all point to the fact that the NPP primaries is not going to end this year without much to talk about.

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The candidate whose name is on the cars is one Elisha. We are digging to find out the full name of the aspirant.

Video+Pictures NPP Cars for vote shocks Ghanaians

Chief among these issues is the NPP Cars for votes. The cars are branded with NPP party colours. One can see countless cars which are to be used for campaigns in the NPP primaries. The opposition NDC has also twitted about the cars on its twitter handle showing the NPP Cars for vote videos. 

Conversations monitored on social media when the pictures of the said cars popped up were challenged by some faithful NPP supporters who saw the pictures as mere propaganda by the NDC. However, the videos cannot also be photoshopped as we are been made to believe

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Many social media users who are true Ghanaians and seek the interest of this nation are wondering and talking about these branded cars for just one candidate.

Something great must be in politics for people wanting to invest such monies into winning just primaries. The question is what if such persons don’t even win to contest in the national elections come 2020? 

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We should all be worried about such decisions by persons who want to win power or be given the nod to contest in elections.

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