Ghana beyond Aid or mediocrity, Kenkey Party, is Ghana serious?

The laudable idea of the President of the Republic of Ghana dubbed “Ghana beyond aid” is aimed at making Ghana self-sufficient, self-reliant and economically independent whiles we harness our resources and use them judiciously toward the developmental agenda in the area of Agriculture, industrialization, education just a ew to mention to create and realize a future of self-sufficiency.

This vision is achievable when the right decisions are taken and resources are used for productive and investment ventures rather than consumption.

The Government led by His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo has been chastised by some leading members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). They complain of government not walking the talk in the wake of government celebrating its ability to secure credit facilities.

There seems to be a disconnection between the government’s Ghana beyond aid agenda and going ahead to secure loans that posterity will have to pay in the near future and organizing a kenkey party to celebrate. Let us put politics aside and put on our patriotic Ghanaian mentality and see if this was necessary, first the Kenkey party and secondly, the credit facility. Why not celebrate the same success by using the resources expended on food to provide computers to schools such as Dzriadogo Presby School in the Kpandai district in the Northern region.

The invitation to the Kenkey party for stabilizing the dollar over a few days also did not go down well with the general public as one cannot fathom what government was celebrating and if it was necessary.

The invitation which many saw as a joke was actually true and the pictures taken at the party have flooded the social media and typical of Ghanaians, there are mixed feelings and interpretations regarding the decision and the party itself.

Three-trenched Eurobond

The government has succeed in raising the budgeted amount of $3 billion from international financial institutions. The bond was oversubscribed totaling $21 billion. This was what led to the organizing of a kenkey party on Friday, 22nd March within the inner courts of the Ministry of Finance.

The government during the week under review, had also succeeded in completing the IMF-ECF Programme and also managed to ensure the cedi appreciated against the dollar strongly.

According to the Awutu Senya West ConstituencyNDC member Mr. Gabby Quaye, the decision to organize a party to celebrate three success of government in the week was needless and wasteful.

He added that, in the not far past, the NDC government was showing very important edifices in education, road, health as the outcome of loans contracted however, the current government chose to celebrate through a kenkey party for securing a loan.

Mr. Gabby Quaye therefore called on Ghanaians to make the right choice in 2020 by massively voting the NPP and Nana Addo out of power in the general elections.

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