A Plus led “The People’s Project (TPP)” will SHAKE Ghana Politics

A Plus led The People’s Project (TPP) growing like wildfire haven gained acceptance among the youth of this Country. The TPP as a movement has expanded across this nation and the philosophy underpinning the movement is amazing, forward-looking, proactive, and centered on ensuring the right thing is done. The slogan for the movement is TPP! FOR US, BY US.

The NPP and the NDC are losing grounds so fast and can do nothing about it.  To join this movement, one must do away with any form of umbilical cord between him or her and the two major political parties in the country.

Kwame Asare Obeng otherwise known as A Plus

No political party in Ghana can influence the leadership of this movement. An attempt to do so will be suicidal because The People’s Project (TPP) movement will table its expectations and require any such party to enter into series of negotiations and agreements before anything else to ensure, the people are not taken for granted.

20 years development, the agreement to scarp End exgratia, the agreement to develop a new constitution are among some of the terms and conditions that come with it.

Ghanaians abroad and the diaspora  have bought into the visionary mentality of this young patriotic chap Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known in the media circles as A Plus.

It is from his fertile brain that the seed of the ever budding, flourishing and momentum gaining movement emerged and already the membership of this movement is overwhelmingly massive and it will shake the foundations of the flamboyant NPP and NDC to the marrow come 2020.

In a related development and post sighted by neswghana24.com A plus indicated that some members of the Nantes chapter of TPP France met earlier today to hold a brief discussion and as well plan towards the grand forum to be held in Belgium.

Although the weather was bad at the set time, the co-ordinator took it upon himself to pick each interested member from their various homes to make sure the meeting holds.

This spirit of relentlessness is what we need to steer this agenda to fruition. We express special gratitude to the leader for his commitment and the members for their unflinching support for this agenda. Together, we will make Ghana a better place.

The TPP! FOR US, BY US. The People’s Project is coming like Kakai.

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