5 Reasons why some teachers sleep with female students

teachers sleep with their students

The issue of teacher-student relationships has become a subject of discussion on several occasions after many unfortunate incidences in which teachers were caught engaging in the act either after an investigation or red-handed.

Professionalism goes with self-respect and comportment which is backed by code of ethics and conduct, the Ghana Education Service(GES) has used this code of ethics and conduct against many of its staff who fell victim to the unfortunate act of defilement, sexual harassment among others.

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Interestingly, love and romantic situations in teacher-student relationships violet all odds including the code of ethics and conduct and also neglect human-related factors such as respect, age, and social class.

Sometimes, the teacher-student relationship is not initiated by the teacher as many assume but rather by the student, I am going to share with you 5 reasons why some teachers have relationship with their students.

1.Sexual Harassment from students

the teacher-student relationship is sometimes initiated by ‘bad students” The topic sexual harassment is extremely controversial to the extent that gender bias is always at the center of its definition, many conclude that men can harass women and always put women at the innocent part of the discussion which I strongly disagree because I myself as a teacher have ever been harassed by my student and it was only God that safe me from that situation.

Sexual harassment goes beyond just using energy and threats but also act from students such as improper dressing, opening of legs and showing off panties while a lesson is going on, surprise weekend visits by girl students just to mention a few are serious sexual harassment from students, these are harassment formulas students use to give teacher opportunities to bang them.

2. Lack of self-respect on the part of teachers view 

A teacher should be self-respecting and should not create love proposals to his students, female teachers should mind their dressing as they could also harass mature students in their classes but unfortunately, some teachers have an excessive desire for all categories of women including underaged girls.

These teachers exploit the vulnerability in students by giving them money, favoring them in exams and sometimes threatening them with exams marks, there are teachers of this nature in the tertiary institutions who even do it with married women and men and such ones are a disgrace to the noble profession who has no self-respect for themselves.

3. Exceptional beauty of some students leads to teacher-student relationship

There are irresistible beautiful students who always make their teachers salivate and sometimes even make teachers and students crash over her likewise the handsomeness of some male students to female teachers.

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I know a story of a boy who went back to school just to learn more English to handle his foreign friends but ended up impregnating his teacher trainee madam in Tamale just because he is handsome, some students have exceptional beauty that distracts their societies not to talk of schools and since we can’t cheat nature at all times, teachers end up going into bed with these students.

4.Too sympathetic and soft to your students

The rigid nature of some teachers makes them unpopular and feared among students which is a bad teaching practice because students out of fear might lose concentration at all times in your lessons, therefore, teachers ought to be friendly, jovial, sympathetic, and soft to their students in and beyond the classroom but must know the limits set by the code of ethics.

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All these attributes stated above should not be exercised in an exceeding manner such that it becomes a weakness on the part of the teacher, for example, a teacher might find out in the process of investigating the causes of fall in the performance of his student that she is an orphan or single parent who is about to drop out of school, this situation can create sympathy love that is capable of bringing back the confidence of the distracted student.

5.Late marriage on the part of the teacher.

The last reason I will like to look at is the inability of some teachers to marry early, marriage protects people from getting into unnecessary temptations and if a teacher is not married, students sometimes write love letters, propose to visit arrangements(some unannounced), initiates romantic setups among others just to lure him in marriage.

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But they easily ignore married men because they know stating the relationship with a married man may not work out or put them into complex troubles, let’s also know that other reasons explained earlier might not allow marriage to safe a teacher from sleeping with his students.

The teacher-student relationship between male teachers and female students far outweigh the opposite.

Do agree or disagree with me by dropping your comments and also remember to share for others to also learn. Sexual violence in schools-The evil that hurts learners and the teacher.

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