Fiancé secretly “Chopping” Cousin – Lady breaks down in shock

A lady (name withheld) got the shock of her life when she found out her fiancé was secretly “Chopping” his cousin. This discovery hit the lady like a bomb and shocked her to the core of her bone.

She broke down in shock after finding out the incest that had been going on all this while.

The sad and heartbroken lady revealed how it all happened on a relationship platform she belonged to. The secret amorous sexual relationship between the two family members was not known to the family of the two culprits.

The lady is very confused and does not know how to confront his guy over this shameful act. This is because she is scared of the consequences of such a move by her since the act is an abomination. The Akans will say Mogyafra.

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Below is her full account

Good evening Joro… more shoes … please keep me anonymous regarding that guy that is in love with his sister… I think my boyfriend is also having sex with his cousin … last week I went to his place and his female cousin met me there (they’re real cousins … I’ve known them since I was around 10) I was about going to the market to get foodstuffs when she came …. I used the toilet and I disposed my panty liner in the waste bin before leaving… that was the only thing I left there when I left the house … on getting back about 1hr 30mins later … I rushed to the toilet to urinate then I met a used condom in the waste bin Joro… I was very sure I left the dustbin with only my panty liner nylon… I washed it myself so I’m very sure a I’ve never been more shocked and confused.

She left immediately I came back.. They’re so close Joro.. they look alike cause their mothers are sisters … so much resemblance…. I don’t even know how to ask him.

He didn’t even bother touching me later that day… someone that was already kissing and smooching before his cousin came… all of a sudden he was tired and wanted to sleep I’m so scared Joro.

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