4 Important Career Skills School never taught you


School and education are critical success factors in the lives of those who have access to quality education that imbibes skills sets, training and knowledge in the acquirer. According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

However, the question is does education really teach us all the essential skills we need in our ever changing world? The answer is a big no. Many have acquired education and training yet must still learn some very important skills because the school curriculum never considered those skills as worth learning in school.

Learning to read, do arithmetic and some logic reasoning are typical skills acquired in school but they are not enough to get you to the top without part from helping you build a career path and identifying your area of interest.

How to cope with failure in life

Throughout your education, and no matter the level or program of study, you are more likely never to come across a subject or curriculum designed purposely to train you on how to cope with failure in life.

Failure is part of life longs learning process yet we are never though how to cope with it. The truth is that one of the best ways to learn and grow is to pass through challenges in life as you grow. If you want to push yourself up and pick up the pieces, then you must learn how to strategically emerge and refocus your energy after failing.

Sadly, no subject teaches us this important skill hence we have no other option than to learn them the hard way and very often after failing. Because of this, many do not have what it takes to fail and they see it as a curse rather than being part of the learning curve. This way we get prepared to tackle bigger failures in life. Just in case you came across a subject that taught you this, let us know.

Writing a winning CV

One big challenge of many graduates today is the ability to prepare or write a winning CV for a job. The funny part of our English lessons is that, we learn to write friendly letters, official letters, semiofficial letters yet we do not get any hands-on education or training at the secondary school, college or university.

Only to complete school and then the need for you to prepare a CV. It now becomes clear to you that you do not have the skills of preparing a CV with all the good grades you made while at school. The lack of this skill is the cause of many brilliant candidates missing an opportunity to get invited for an interview.

At best, smart students copy templates from online and update it with their details while many more do not even think such templates exist yet they use the internet on a daily basis.

How to prepare for an interview

One key reason for obtaining a degree or a certificate is to acquire skills that will make you employable nut, between applying for the job and receiving an appointment letter is the dreaded job interview.

Very often, many candidates do not know how to prepare for interviews and what the response should be to interview questions. Because the skills are not there, many miss several opportunities before securing a job since they are unable to impress their-would-be-employers.

Some cannot even stand the fact that they failed and as discussed earlier learning to accept the reality that you failed and picking yourself up for the next challenge in itself is a skill many lack.

How to enter a relationship and maintain it

I am yet to come across a subject in school or college that teaches young adults how to enter a relationship and maintain it. In fact, there is none.

Just in case you want to learn a piano, driving, singing and other related skills, you will surely have someone or a school that offers training services leading to an award of a certificate, however, not for relationships. Many enter into relationships as a novice and come our either hurt or worse. There is no school that teaches about marriage, courtship, choosing a partner. Could this be attributed to the increase in diverse cases and the millions of relationships that are falling on the rocks?

It baffles me that, marriage or relationship which is so complex and affects our society and existence, our health, and finances has not school or training centre that provides hands-on tested training resources to equip us all.

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My cherished reader, you would agree with me, that after all the big degrees, skills in the above are what really carry you along in life. Until schools evolve and begin to teach these skills, parents and grandparents will have to learn some of these through trial and error before they can transfer just a little of their knowledge to us whiles for the rest we have to find out our selves.

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