Trending Video: Angry Nursing Trainees Hoot At NPP Convoy

Angry Nursing Trainees Hoot At NPP Convoy

In a video making rounds on social media, nursing training college students (Nursing Trainees) who were asked to queue along the road to welcome an NPP convoy did the opposite. The students rather hooted at the fleet of cars as the convoy passed.



In the video, one could hear the students indicate their displeasure. They spoke in Akan saying “We will not vote for you”…We will not vote for you”…Do you think we will for you?

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These dissatisfied students showed their displeasure by hooting at the convoy as they passed. Many of the students had thrown away their NPP flags before the arrival of the convoy.

Others threw the NPP flags at the passing vehicles, while some of those still holding their placards had lowered them for reasons best known to them.

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They did not see the need to welcome the convoy with the usual thunderous cheers.

One question that needs an urgent answer is, were the nursing students forced to be by the road against their will? Come and carry your useless flags said, an Angry Student said.

It is not clear what really triggered the backlash from the teaming students who had queued up to welcome the convoy of the ruling NPP.

Make your own judgment, watch the attached video

Nursing Trainees Hoot At NPP Convoy

Click the link to watch the video – Nursing Trainees Hoot At NPP Convoy




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