Teacher “Chops” defiled and impregnate student at BECE 2020 leavers’ party

Teacher defiled and impregnated student

Will the bad nuts who double as teachers ever change? The sad answer is no because one such kind has defiled and impregnated a 15-year-old student. According to the victim, her teacher, one Erasmus Canny Kattey organized a party for the students after their last examination paper in the just ended BECE.

After the 18th September paper, the all-important party was staged. The teacher who organized the party had other motives for the kind gesture. 

To capture his prey, Erasmus Canny Kattey sent her to buy a bag of sachet water for him. Upon returning from the errand, the teacher asked the unsuspecting teacher to send the water into his room.  

Just when she had done that the teacher grabbed the underaged student pushed her onto the bed. The victim alleged that the teacher forcefully inserted a medicine into her vagina and defiled her.

Several days after the incident, the victim’s grandmother noticed some changes in the girls as she becomes unwell. The old lady took her to the hospital and she was told the student, her granddaughter has been defiled and impregnated.

The juvenile was queried, and she revealed that it was her teacher who defiled her when he organized the leavers’ night party for them. 

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The student who has been put in a family way by the evil intentions and actions of the teacher further revealed that, the teacher after taking undue advantage of her warned her not to disclose what took place to anyone and that the victim would die a mysterious death if she opened up on the issue. 

The grandmother of the victim refused to treat this case with kid gloves since the same teacher is known to be taking advantage of schoolgirls in the vicinity and has done the same thing to four other girls already.

The family of the victim has vowed to seek justice and to deal with the teacher through legal means so that, he will learn his lessons and be an example to like-minded male teachers who have refused to control their urge to little girls.


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