The Wait is Over, 2019 School Placement now opened has been monitoring the site for the checking of the 2019BECE candidates School placement since 12 midnight.

We can confirm that, the wait is over, and that the 2019 School Placement Portal is now opened .

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2 things to do when BECE 2019 SCHOOL PLACEMENTS is out

The Ghana Education Service hasalreadycome out toannouncethat it will be releasing the 2019 School placement today.

It also gave an update to the general publicabout the placement on 6th September earlier.

Since the loading of such large data can take time, we were certain GES will release the results of the school placement Aas scheduled.

All important keys buttons on the site have now been activatedto facilitate smooth updates that will make the 2019 School placement results available soon.

Weencourageparents and studentsto becalm just as theGEShad earlier on directed.

A visit is active for the checking of school placements to the site is greeted with the activated news interface for CSSPS an indicationtheGhana Education Service has given the green light for the checking of school placements and self placement.

School Placement Portal Officially Opened and Accessible

Senior High Schools have already reopened for Final Year Students and theGESis working around the clock to release the results of the placement so that, the first year’sto beadmitted can go to school on time. SHS Placement DATE is Out -Find out more

How to check your 2019 SHS School placement

Are you worried about how to check your school placement? Worry no more. Go to CHECK MY SCHOOL PLACEMENT and follow the easy procedure. All the relevant timely information on the placement checking and where to buy the cards for checking online with momo are all available there.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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