Over 27000 BECE Graduates did not qualify for SHS Placement 

Over 27,000 BECE Graduates did not qualify for SHS placement. If the Ghana Education Service has come out to say, there will not be a cut off point, how come some candidates did not qualify for placement? 

The understanding many got from the above annoucement was that, every BECE candidate will gain admission. If 517,332 candidates sat for the 2019 BECE, all of them will be in SHS come September 2019.

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However, Over 27,000 BECE Graduates did not qualify for SHS placement.

The Director of Ghana Education Service revealed that some Four hundred and ninety thousand (490,000) BECE graduates qualified for placement. These students will be placed into Senior High School (SHS), Technical and Vocational Schools across the country.

However, the 2019 BECE was written by 517,332 candidates from 16,871 schools write exams across country. The most recent announcement leaves some 27332 candidates hanging. 

Some students since the announcement have been stressed up and worried.

Many fear they may not make it to the SHS whiles others think their grades are too bad to merit Free SHS. This is because there are many answered questions when GES has revealed that 490,000 qualified for placement. Does this mean over 27,000 BECE Graduates did not qualify for SHS placement and are not going to enjoy Fress SHS?

The question on the lips of students and parents

1. Is GES saying there is a cut off point? 

2. Are those who qualify to do self-placement part of the 490,000 candidates or they are the outstanding 27332 who did not qualify. 

If the Ghana Education Service answer to question one is Yes, this will be very disturbing.  This is because, it came out clearly to indicate that, there will not be a cut-off point for entry into the SHS. The recent update has information gaps that need to be filled if this is not the case.

What is currently not clear is whether the GES has a cut point for 2019 School placement or these candidates did actually fail the BECE

Also, if those who qualified for self-placement are exclusive of the 27332 who did not qualify, it adds to the same outcome.

The WAEC has a private examination for BECE candidates who do not make the grades for entry into Public Secondary Schools. 

If the 27332 candidates who according to the GES did not qualify failed the exams and were not placed.

If they will also not have the opportunity to do self-placement, then they would have to either sit for the private BECE in 2020 or seek for admission in a private secondary school. 

The fears of candidates and parents will be confirmed or otherwise when the placement portal opens on Sunday 8th September, 2019.

The Computerised School Selection and Placement

The Computerised School Selection and Placement System, CSSPS portal will be opened on Sunday, September, 8 to allow parents and students to find out schools in which they have been placed.

From the look fo things, there are more questions than answers and hopefully, the GES and Director-General of the Ghana Education Service, GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwa are doing a great job but they should fill in the gaps on questions raised in here.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond 

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