2 things to do when BECE 2019 SCHOOL PLACEMENTS is out

Hopefully, the Ghana Education Service (GES) will release the school placements on Friday. The release of the 2019 School placement results will give candidates who sat for the 2019 BECE in June and Private BECE candidates the chance to continue their education at the SHS level

But it is important for parents and guardians to do one of two things as soon as the school placement results are released by the Ghana Education Service.

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1. Check your placement early and know your fate. Very often out of fear or the lack of concern and the needed urgency makes some parents and student relaxed. Some times, by the time they check, it is too late and their fate is that, they have not been placed. The earlier the better and the early bird catches the warm.

2. If you check your school placement status and you are not placed, what must you do? You must find out if you can do self placement.

Hence, ff the Ghana Education Service provides this second window opportunity for students who have not been placed, haven checked the placement status early, you get access to some of the best schools with vacancies still up for grabs.

Again, this means that, if you fail to know your placement status early and you are not placed, you will have little or no options available to choose from.

This can be very very stressful if you ask me. I have seen parents so frustrated and their wards very confused after they found out there is no placement available for them or the schools available are all day schools and far from them.

In some instances, the causes students want to pursue at the SHS are not available even if they get a school that has vacancies.

The best thing to do when the 2019 Schools placement results is out. Do not relax at home or assume all is well. Take action and get to know your fate as far as the 2019 School placementis concerned.

If you do not known the procedure for doing self placement and checking your results, CLICK


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