Teachers vow to help kick out the NPP come 2020 if…

Teachers have vowed to help kick out the NPP come 2020. This was contained in a series of passionate messages to government by teachers and compiled by newsghana24.com.
Many teachers across the country would agree with the issues raised by their colleagues in this publication, others based on their political affiliations and preferences may have other ideas as well. But the question is, can teachers orchestrate the down fall of the mighty NPP come December 2020 when Ghana goes to the polls?

Why should a teacher vote?

A teacher writes: All teachers in Ghana are expected to vote for Politicians in Ghana because they have introduced FREE SHS without thinking about the teachers’ welfare.

They have been able to stop teachers from doing extra classes nationwide. Now head teachers are to credit examination papers for school pupils to write and wait for capitation grant.

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The most disgraceful aspect is to instruct head teachers to refund examination fees collected as if they collected to spend for their personal gain.

They are doing this free, free, free because of votes. Teachers talk about salary increment and the response is that teachers are many.

No problem, 2020 is just around the corner, teachers should reason out. Why should you go and form a queue like a class one pupil to vote for someone’s father or mother to make them rich and later refer to you as the poor teacher.

Another teacher writes: What I have realized as a teacher as I serve this nation of ours is that teachers themselves are enemies to their own progress, hence the struggle in salary increment every day. Even in this case let’s look at how some are defending blindly, trying to make ‘unfruitful’ comparisons.

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All those who man the top positions in our sector were once seen in the classroom, but anytime those in the classroom (teachers) raise issues concerning their salaries, these people instead of defending them only come to counter since for them, they are well paid and as well enjoying good conditions of service.

Until those at the top are willing to help fight for those on the field (teachers) the ordeal still remains.

Again, a country which does not see the importance of education as one of the engines that brings about development and growth also makes her teachers suffer in terms of payment of salary and conditions of service.

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When you come to think about it, how many of our MPs or politicians children school in this country? If that is the case, how would they ensure that those who are helping the students acquire knowledge are paid well to deliver well? Where are the (MPs and politicians) children schooling? Let us compare the conditions of service and salaries paid to teachers in those schools to that of ours.

That tells how they have placed value on the education provided elsewhere than the one we have in this country.

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Teachers across the country may be divided on the above due to their political affiliations and beliefs. The government will be at a disadvantaged position if it underestimates the ability of teachers to influence the 2020 election results by the way they vote. These are legitimate concerns and he who wants to survive the torrential rains must start acting when the clouds are forming.

Nana Addo, Minister of Education, GES and the Ministry of Education remember that, a hungry man is an angry man.

Teachers feel they have been deprived of what is due them for all the hard work they do to get professionals into every field and sector of this nation. Leave a legacy, teachers will remember you forever for in their lives. Un mot dans l’oreille d’un sage suffit. A word to the wise is enough.

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