Responsibilities of teachers under GES – Performance of duty rules

performance of duty

GES's performance of duty responsibility of teachers

Performance of duty is a responsibility placed on all teachers which they must deliver irrespective of their rank. However, it is not uncommon for teachers to forget their responsibility or fall short of what is expected of them. However, even more disturbing is the engagement in private activities during school hours by some teachers. Today the NTC is a key stakeholder in ensuring compliance because teachers who pass the licensure exams will be able to deliver on the job.

The code of conduct for teachers under the Ghana Education Service is clear on what it means by Performance of duty and engaging in private activities during school hours.

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Performance of Duty

A staff shall carry out his/her work in accordance with his/her profession, trade or occupation and in a manner determined by the employer.

A staff whose work performance is proven through staff appraisal to be below the set standard shall be assisted and given all the necessary encouragement by indicating to him/her the improvement he/she is required to make within a reasonable time frame.

After two instances of support without improvement, the staff shall be sanctioned.
Any staff who is found to have forged or falsified any document or impersonated any person with the intent of misleading the GES and general public shall be sanctioned.

Any negligence on the part of a staff, which causes loss, damage or injury shall be a breach of contract of service.

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 Private Activities during school hours-(Business Hours)

No teacher shall engage in private and personal conversation during lesson period when he/she is expected to teach or to supervise pupils at work or play.

No staff shall trade or transact any private financial business on the school premises during school hours.

No staff shall perform unofficial duties or activities during school hours without permission from the head of his/her institution.


Source: Code of conduct of the GES

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