Prestea/Huni-Valley Constituency: The Change That Came After The 2016 Elections And It’s Impact On The People

The people of Prestea/Huni-Valley Constituency are seeing the Change that came after the 2016 Elections and it impacts on their lives already.

The People of Prestea Huni-Valey, on 7th December, queued to vote a positive change. They voted incompetence out and voted competence in. The Good people of Prestea Huni-Valley gave chance to Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi to impact them positively.

Two years five month later, we are taking a look at the benefits the change has brought to them. One of the problems that faced the constituency was access to good health facilities and Public Health Amenities. Due to this, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi made the health sector her priority. Below are some of her achievements;

Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi

Renovation of Abosso health centre; for years, the Abosso Health Centre had not seen the face of renovation and development. The Center was stuck with old equipment which made the work of the Nurses very difficult and hence, discouraging the People from visiting the health centre. Upon assuming office, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi has renovated the Health Centre by equipping it with Modern Health Equipments and also giving the Outer Appearance of the Facility a New Look.

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Installation of Incubator at Prestea gov’t hospital. Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi donated to the Kokorokoo Charity Foundation and pleaded for them to extend their One Hospital One Incubator Donations to her constituency. The Incubator was later installed in the hospital to serve the people of Prestea.

Motorbikes donated to municipal health directorate
Delivery beds with equipment to municipal health directorate

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Construction of CHPS compound with nurses quarters at Insu Siding, Gyimakrom, Adadekrom, Bobkrom, Larbikrom, Camp, Okyerekojo, Akurakan, Bisakrom, Beppo, Ehyieso and Kofiekrom. Over the years, residents of these communities struggled to access health care – with some travelling to Bogoso, the district capital or Prestea, about 30 kilometres away. The project, championed by the Member of Parliament of the Prestea-Huni Valley Constituency, Mrs Barbara Oteng–Gyasi, would reduce the burden of the nine communities in accessing critical health care and emergencies.

New municipal hospital at Bogoso
  • Expansion of children’s ward at Prestea Government hospital.
  • Distributed 10 motorbikes to municipal health directorate
  • Presented 10 delivery beds with equipment to municipal health directorate
  • Construction of municipal hospital at Bogoso. The government chose to build an additional hospital at the Municipal Capital (Bogoso) while making sure that the existing Prestea Government Hospital is given a facelift to provide optimal care to the good people of Prestea Huni-Valley Constituency. This is the first hospital ever at Bogoso.
  • The footing of hospital bills for a hole in heart patient at Prestea. Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi also took care of the hospital bills for a constituent who was undergoing treatment for Hole In Heart.

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The People of Prestea are grateful for your good work and massive development you’ve brought to Prestea Huni-Valley Constituency.

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