PRESS RELEASE: African Union Day -PLO Lumumba foundation

The Ghana chapter of the PLO Lumumba foundation press release to mark the 2019 AU Day has been published below.


In the history of Africa`s development and struggle, one organization which was formed with a common purpose of unifying African states to have a common front and focus in tackling Africa`s social, economic and political issues which had bedeviled the African continent as a result of the scars from colonialism and imperialism, was the Organization of African Unity (OAU) now African Union (AU).

The birth of OAU on the 25th of May, 1968 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia received approval from thirty-two African heads of state and government, with a clear vision of totally liberating and transforming Africa. It is sad to say that; the vision is yet to be realized fifty –two years afterwards. Africa has not been liberated. On this historic day of Africa`s freedom against imperialism, it is strange to say that Beijing (China) was the main financier of AU`s $200m building in Addis Ababa which was also built by a Chinese company. The AU is now a doorway for imperialism in Africa.

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The PLO Lumumba Foundation, Ghana Chapter as parts of its objectives of promoting Pan- Africanism and unification of Africa, celebrates the 52nd AU day by charging AU to act on the principles that was established by the founding fathers of OAU in 1963, at Ethiopia. The objectives of the founding fathers of OAU is significant to Africa`s total liberation and development. This is not a time for dialogue and words but action, an immediate action.

Ahmed Sekou Toure, one of the founding fathers of OAU rightly said “the life of a man is counted in decades; the life of Africa is endless.” Africa is in endless state of struggle against imperialism. The fight against imperialism and neo-colonialism cannot be won by the AU singlehandedly, it needs collective support from individual member States, especially leaders who have offered their country to foreign exploitation of their natural resources at the expense of improving the living standards of their citizens.

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The AU should ponder over what Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said during the formation of OAU in 1963, “…Our people supported us in our fight for independence because they believed that African governments could cure the ills of the past in a way which could never be accomplished under colonial rule. If, therefore, now that we are independent we allow the same conditions to exist that existed in colonial days, all the resentment which overthrew colonialism will be mobilized against us. The resources are there; it is for us to marshal them in the active service of our people.”

Africa can and must develop from within otherwise we cannot have the Africa we want, as it is the goal of AU in 2063.

God bless Africa and deliver us from the mouth of imperialists.



Razak Awudu

(Country Director)

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