Press Release: What Is The Security Assessment, As 2020 Election Draws Closer?

20. 05. 2019
Violate Press Freedom

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH), is gradually getting worried at the unstable security condition in an obnoxious political landscape. The bloody Ayawaso bye-election, the training of militia at the Castle, the drafting of vigilante groups into the security system, the kidnapping of the three Takoradi girls and the importation of massive arms into the country are all worrying signals. Ghanaians are crying for help as radio stations are closed down to violate press freedom.

The Emile Short Committee has finished its work and no one knows what is in the report. Is the President trying to hide something from the public?. AII those who took part in the Ayawaso shooting, as caught on video, are free and yet to be interrogated if ever they would. The Police is less interested.

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Instead, the CID is diverting attention from kidnapping and importation of arms by prosecuting Chairman of NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo. Has the tradition and the Philosophy of the Police changed? The lack of interest shown in the Ayawaso episode and the president`s conviction that vigilantism is an NPP- NDC affair is a calculated effort to dig secure trenches in the security services for NPP vigilante.

While the Police is still grappling with militia, vigilantism and kidnapping; Ghana is also confronted with the importation of massive arms in an already firearms saturated country. We woke up last week, to the shocking news of the importation of 1,575 guns (handguns, gauge guns, action guns) into the country. At the Tema harbour, the Police confirmed that the weapons were legally imported by YADCO Ghana Ltd which has licence to import. Intelligence suggests that more containers of arms are on the high sea on its way to Tema harbour

It is surprising that in spite of high-level vigilantism, killing, kidnapping and armed robbery, the Ministry of Interior still allows importation of arms into the country. At which point in time will the Minister of Interior find it necessary to suspend importation of guns; looking at the bloody Ayawaso bye-election and the terror and insecurity towards the 2020 election?

Not quite long ago, when the fight against galamsey was getting out of control, the President found it necessary to suspend importation of caterpillars and bulldozers. Why is the President not showing same interest and commitment to security of Ghana and its people? Why does he not find it necessary to suspend importation of arms till the next election is carried out and a Government is formed? Are we in an era where people care less about civil war and its implication?

No one in Liberia and Sierra Leone ever thought that their respective countries could be plunged into civil war. However, when their violent leaders started spreading the “all die be die” philosophy; killing and terror leading to civil war became the obvious choice. Even Hitler in 1939 thought he was doing the right thing, until the point of no return when the whole of Germany was set on fire by British bombs.

The CDG-GH will like to advise the President to pay greater attention to the security of the country, The causal relationship between elections and civil wars in Africa cannot be overemphasized. Besides he who carries explosive cannot and should not play with fire. Mr President, as commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, you are carrying explosives. Creation of vigilante groups, training of militia groups, violent and bloody Ayawaso bye-election and importation of arms, can only set Ghana on fire.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Chief Convener

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