How Important Is Technology In Education in the 21st Century?

Education being the fountain that has served as a drinking source of knowledge for centuries is definitely an important part of human life. And as an important part of human life, development and advancement should be certain. Over the past few decades, technology has been the major agent of advancements, touching all facets of life and education is no exception. Based on this known fact, how important do you think technology is in education? I guess we will just have to find out as we proceed.

Education is the backbone of every developing society and right here, we will be taking a look at some of the reasons why technology is that inevitable developing tool in our present-day education.

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Importance Of Technology In Education

  1. Help create better syllabuses and learning materials

Gone are the days of wooden hornbooks, and chalk and boards, technology has made learning far easier by integrating new learning material to enhance the learning process and make it a lot more easier. With the aid of technology, students are now able to see realistic 3D images of complex compounds and microorganisms which were only described in books.

  1. Testing method improved

Physical testing used to the norms in education a few years ago and this process usually takes quite a long period of time and it is usually open to errors from the end of both the teachers and student. But with the help of technology, testing has gone online. A teacher in the United States could decide to test a student living on the eastern coast of Ghana. Isn’t that spectacular?

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  1. Technology has been able to help each child learn at his or her own pace

Every individual on earth is different with separate capacities and this has a lot to do with learning than you could imagine. Unlike the traditional classes where teachers only lay more emphasis on the best In the class, neglecting those that can’t keep up,  technology has made it possible for each student to learn at their own pace. With the aid of technology, students can now take online classes or listen to each lesson at any time.

  1. Technology engages students

Presently, students in all the sectors of education are considered as technological learners. With the aid of technology, students are getting more engaged because they find learning quite amusing. More so, the advent of better resources has found ways to engage them and keep them focused. We all know how boring arithmetic and other subjects can be for some students. But with the help of education,  that’s not the case anymore.

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  1. Technology inspires students to creative and innovative

The world is fast becoming a global village all because of ever-advancing technology and to keep up with this advancements, brighter ideas have to keep coming up. Incorporating technology into education is the only way to achieve that. Developing technologically inclined schools opens the door for that. With technology, students are inspired to become creative and innovative to help build a better tomorrow.


For this and many more reasons educational systems that are ready to take the world of knowledge by storm have all introduced ICT into their education as part of the critical learning system, tool and skills to be acquired at the early age of the learner.

Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea have taken giant leaps in this area and have become the hub of technology and IT. Europe and America cannot be left out of this while many African countries seem to be implementing this in their policies, less can be seen and felt in schools as far as IT education is concerned.

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