Ahanta West GNAT Disgusted with on-going Curriculum Workshop

My Take On The On- Going Workshop For Basic Teachers On The New Curriculum. I write not as a teacher but a concerned citizen, not a spectator but responsible citizen

I must first of all give a thumps for the great initiative, introducing a new curriculum that in their own wisdom will help groom pupils right. I must applaud MoE & GES. But isn’t this rather an unfortunate situation? I mean, the way and manner the teachers are been treated during the workshops?

Teachers were hurriedly called back from their holidays just for this workshop without even thinking about those on sandwich programs, my understanding is that,they were even threatened that failure to attend the workshops will make it impossible for you to be handed a class to teach, isn’t that an unfair treatment?

Don’t teachers deserve better? I’ve been to several workshops and none has been held in an open space with participants sitting on hard benches.

Participants are either housed in a serene environment (sometimes 5star hotels) with good meals/refreshment.

What’s different in the case of teachers ?

Teachers earn so little that even an shs leaver who manages to enter into any of the security services even earns more than a teacher. Gosh… It’s disheartening.

A provision for 1.20p (Sobolo & bread) worth of snacks is what these participants are been given.

People who are supposed to be implementers of this new curriculum? It’s total injustice towards these teachers.

Is it a crime to be a teacher in Ghana? Are they beggars? Ain’t they working hard enough ? Why motivate the teacher so lowly?

A Black Stars team that couldn’t even qualify to the quarter final of the just ended Afcon 2019 in Egypt had members earning above $200.000.

Forgive me for this comparison but I think it’s just unfair treating teachers this way. For how long must they serve our beloved country as paupers?

Teachers retire after 30 or 40 years in service with meagre amount of money. Sadly, their various unions are not biting enough.

Lest not forget that, it’s mandatory for every worker to go on leave in this country, do teachers have that freedom?

All they enjoy is their holidays, and when you call someone back from his/her leave that certainly must come with some allowances, how much is given to these teachers in this regard?

Enough is enough; the classroom teacher also deserves the best. Quality teaching/tuition must come with quality remuneration.

As the Course Rep. for 2018/2019 Post Diploma Sandwich Students in UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA it’s disheartening seeing my brothers and sisters abandoning their education for which fees have been paid to attend a workshop which has no proper feeding plan for the teacher.

Let us see our teachers as our most cherished resource persons who will change Ghana’s fortune from bad to better through the impartation of knowledge in our future leaders.

Source: John Baptist

Ahanta West GNAT Vice Chairman, Agona Local


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