1 thought on “Video+Pictures: Ghana Enimguase Service –GES serves teachers Coco Drink in rubber bags at Curriculum Training

  1. So does Matthew Opoku Prempeh take cocoa drink and pie when he attends stakeholders meeting as lunch?

    Teachers are so useless in the eyes of these greedy stomach politicians. Teachers are nothing and being treated like shit in this country.
    I don’t blame politicians but our employers because they have been given the politicians the power to treat teachers like that.
    We live in this country where our employers (GES) wrongfully deducted 10 cedis from our meager salaries us insurance policy without any consultation. Then comes back and tells us that if as a teacher and you don’t want the sic insurance policy fill forms to quit from it.
    Did teachers fill forms before deduction? This is gross disrespect to the teaching fraternity
    Ghana! Ghana! Ghana will sink very soon

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