Video+Pictures: Ghana Enimguase Service –GES serves teachers Coco Drink in rubber bags at Curriculum Training

Teachers, Head teachers and all other educationist who need to be trained on the new curriculum are taking part in the week-long training session at all districts ahead of the 2019/2020 academic year which starts in September.

However, teachers have vent their anger, frustration and disappointment on Government, The Ministry of Education and GES over the kind of snack served them at the first day of the training across the nation. One cannot fathom why the Ghana Enimguase Service –GES decided to serve teachers Coco Drink in rubber at Curriculum Training.

According to news gathered, Sobolo with a tiny pie was served at the Ejisu Dwabeng District, Coco Drink with biscuit in both Ahafo Ano South and West districts and Coco Drink with breat at Assin South District. This cannot be Nkrumah’s Ghana where would be implementers of this important new syllabus will be served this things. Oh Why?

According to information gathered by, teachers were served bread with coco drink tied in rubber. This is degrading and insulting. How serve important stakeholders such a meal. Sadly complains by teachers will not yield the desired result because labour Union leaders for teachers may not have the desire to push such complains and get them resolved. Although these union leaders are first teachers, they fight for themselves rather than the collective well being of teachers.

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I sought to ask, are teachers receiving this kind of refreshment because there are not directly paying for the training? Private schools have been tasked to pay GHS500.00 per school and GHS65.00 per teacher to cover the training and lunch respectively. If this is anything to go by, private schools will be served good meals at their training session becuase they paid, will it not be prudent and deserving that, teachers and heads of schools at the public school are giving at least GHS10.00 worth of lunch a day by government? Government finances may not stagger if this is done for the success of this training sessions.

Why should Private schools pay for the training that will help them implement the policy of Ghana as far as this new syllabus is concerned? What are we doing to these private schools?

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Government must take this training section serious holistically and not only concentrate on impacting new knowledge and ideas based on the curriculum without looking at the kind of hospitality teachers as stakeholders are accorded.

From all indication, it is as though our public school teachers have been turned into public school pupils under the Free School Feeding Program.

Pictures and videos on this shameful act by government have found their way onto the social media. Discussions on peace fm this morning on this matter further confirmed the story.

Government, The GES and MoE must bow their heads in shame for not valuing the presence of teachers at this important training session. Where did teachers go wrong. Oh Ghana Enimguasi Service paaa nie…Ewuradi kasa,  Boa teacher fuor ma y3n.

Source:  Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

One thought on “Video+Pictures: Ghana Enimguase Service –GES serves teachers Coco Drink in rubber bags at Curriculum Training

  1. So does Matthew Opoku Prempeh take cocoa drink and pie when he attends stakeholders meeting as lunch?

    Teachers are so useless in the eyes of these greedy stomach politicians. Teachers are nothing and being treated like shit in this country.
    I don’t blame politicians but our employers because they have been given the politicians the power to treat teachers like that.
    We live in this country where our employers (GES) wrongfully deducted 10 cedis from our meager salaries us insurance policy without any consultation. Then comes back and tells us that if as a teacher and you don’t want the sic insurance policy fill forms to quit from it.
    Did teachers fill forms before deduction? This is gross disrespect to the teaching fraternity
    Ghana! Ghana! Ghana will sink very soon

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