We won’t go back to school on 25th August- SHS teachers

We won’t go back to school on 25th August- SHS teachers voice out again and even more loudly. The GES seems to be losing it all as it tries to compel teachers to go back to school earlier than was indicated at the close of the term.

Teachers at the second cycle institutions have also vowed not to be kicked around by the GES. The teachers are not in any way ready to be forced to succumb to the pressure. They have therefore resolved not to return to school on 19thor 25thAugust as requested by GES.

From the back and forth on this matter it looks as though the (GES) is not being forthright with policies and directives it has issued in recent times.

It seems teachers are finding their voice which has been faint all this while. It started with compulsory insurance policy, and then the change of date for the commencement of training on the new standard based curriculum to the food that was served teachers during the session.

Just as the dust seemed to be settling, Senior High School teachers are under pressure of a sought to shorten their vacation and report to school on the 19thof August, and then they refused only for the GES to come out with a new date of 25thAugust 2019.

The GES believes by moving the reopening date to 25 instead of 19thwill help parents, students and Teachers to prepare well before reporting. National Association of Graduate Teachers has indicated that, they will not in any way be pushed around on this matter.

The Association will not allow GES to trample with the holiday of the teachers. They also are saying they cannot prevent the government from taking decisions but they called on the government not to force any teacher to sacrifice his or her vacation since the call to go back to school is not compulsory.

President ofNAGRAT Mr. Eric Kofi Agbe-Carbonu warned that any attempt to force teachers to go to school earlier than agreed on officially will be resisted by the association.

In a related development, the former NAGRAT president KWAMI ALORVI has issued a statement on the matter. Find below

Confusion Rocks Ghana Education Service (GES)-The center cannot hold

NaCCA boss Dr. Prince Hamid Armah (that name rings a bell in the article Kwami Alorvi replies Prince Hamid Armah) says BECE is going to be abolished. Director-General of GES counters and says the syllabi for JHS and SHS are yet to be developed. So far, the syllabus developed is for KG to Basic 6 (P6). So, until the current P6 pupils complete JHS, BECE continues. Even after that there will be an examination but not calledBECE. The renaming continues.

GES Director-General originally said in a letter that some schools had applied to him to do vacation classes. He did not name the schools though. GES, according to him, has approved the application so students are to report in school on 19th August 2019 for intervention classes. Schools, according to the DG, should apply for funds for the intervention classes.

NAGRAT and Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) opposed the idea.

Then out of the blue, GES brings a time table that schools are reopening on 19th August 2019 for 2019/2020 academic year for the SHS3 students.

It is no more intervention classes applied for by some schools.

Meanwhile, GES owes the Senior High Schools about 50% of the 2018/2019 academic year grants and subsidies for services they rendered on credit. How the SHS3 students are going to be fed and provided for in other critical areas, and from what fund, from the 19th August, have not even been sorted out with CHASS.

Yet the students should report to school.

GES-SIC Insurance policy imposed on GES staff in June 2018 was halted in July of same year due to agitation by teachers. Then out of the blue, it was smuggled back in July 2019 and when the Unions threatened industrial action, a suspension was announced again. PUBLIC NOTICE

Anyway, parents and students should take note that CHASS says it is not ready for students this August because Heads do not know how they would be catered for.

NAGRAT also says teachers should report to school in September, NOT in August.

Confusion Galore Enough is enough. The intimidation of teachers and disrespect for our profession must stop

Indeed; we have the men


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