Deep cracks in New Curriculum implementation plan: GES frustrates teachers with poor planning

Teachers applauded government efforts at modernizing syllabus for the KG and Basic school and give their blessings but from all indications there are deep cracks in the new curriculum implantation strategy by government.

The implementation strategy which has to do with training of teachers ahead of the new academic year in September lacks proper planning and coordination to say the least.

These sentiments were shared by a teacher who wrote saying: It is with a saddened heart for the future of education in Ghana that I write this.

All teachers in Ghana were happy and solidly supported government’s intervention to change our educational system as far as curriculum design is concerned. We were in an earnest anticipation for the training to begun when suddenly:


Just In: GES is NOT recruiting, disregard any such information

GES and NaCCA simulation exercise on the new standard based curriculum

The training was rescheduled from the original 6th to 13th and was expected to last three weeks after which there was even an opportunity for mop up. The training exercise has been compressed for only one week and the question is will the needed impact be achieved or teachers are going to be rushed through the training only for government to come and blame them for failing to implement the syllabus properly.

The training is no longer residential hence teachers must commute to the training centre no matter the distance. Government is not concerned whether this arrangement will suit teachers especially when they are on vacation.

The Plight of National service and NABCO personnel

The national service and NABCO personnel who are assuming full classes and occupying vacant positions are not part of the workshop on the new syllabus. The question then is, what will these teachers be teaching if they are still at post come September 2019?

Again, there are teachers who are waiting to be posted dome September. Government has said that, all teachers who fail to take part in the training should not be given a class to teach. If these new teachers are posted by government and they have not been trained on the new curriculum, what will be their faith when they did not intentionally refuse to attend such training?

Is the GES and the MoE confused or disorganized? How will the facilitators be able to deal with the large numbers of teachers and are the training centres big enough to accommodate all the numbers? How much practical training will be feasible? We are only going to take teachers through the challenges they face with large classes at work.

Government is far behind time and is rushing to implement a good policy. Ghanaians problem has always been poor implementation and that is what we are likely to suffer with this new policy. Let’s stop letting GES be turned into GEM – Ghana Education Military where we are constantly ordered around without being given a voice to make input.

Teachers in Ghana must be respected and treat well and not forced into such rush decisions

Government must consider the safety of these noble teachers who for the love of the children and country have decided to still be in the service.

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