110 Headteachers demoted to Class Teachers – GES

Newsghana24.com has gathered that, one hundred and ten (110) headteachers in public schools have been demoted to class teacher status.

According to ghlatestnews.com which monitored and broke the news, the information was gathered during an interview on Peace FM.

The 110 headteachers were charged with receiving and charging unapproved fees from students.

According to the report, these headteachers were demoted after several warnings from the GES and the Ministry of Education.

This news according to ghlatestnews.com was confirmed by the Director of GES, Prof. Opoku Amankwa on Peace FM.

The affected headteachers are located in the Ga West District under the Ghana Education Service.

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GES Directive on Unapproved fees – The story so far in brief

In the past two and a half years, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service has given directives instructing headteachers in basic and second cycle schools not to charge or receive any kind of unapproved fees.

Persons who would be found going contrary to the directive were to be given the right punishment.

Some of the unapproved fees include examination fees, PTA levies, and any other levies that have not been approved by the government.

This directive by the Ministry of Education through the Ghana Education Service was intensified leading to teachers writing the second term examination of the 2018-2019 academic year on chalk and whiteboards in many public basic schools across the country.

The national association of PTAs has not been happy with the directive and has tried without effort to get the government to reconsider its stand.

Government’s efforts at ensuring such charges are not imposed on parents are geared toward making education free and accessible to all children of school-going age.

However, many schools are saddled with logistics problems and have difficulties running the schools. Some have complained and have given genuine concerns.

From the look for things, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service is ready to ensure that, the directive is adhered to in every regard.

Headteachers, Directors of education and teachers must comply if they are to keep their jobs and position.

Source:ghlatestnews.com| Newsghana24.com

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