WASSCE and BECE Apor 2019: dito dito apor adverts flood social media

Since students started writing the WASSCE nationwide, many individual and institutional apor masters have flooded the social media, bombarding students groups on Facebook and Whatsapp with their messages and inviting students and other interested persons to chat them for questions and solutions at a fee. Activities of such persons undermine the efforts of teachers, the Ghana Education Service and WAEC towards improving and maintaining the sanctity of the examination.

The reality is that many are patronizing these services. While some persons interested in gaining undue advantage with the help of these apor masters are duped, others also get genuine help and excel above normal. There also other groups of persons who claim to have insiders who change results from nothing to something. As at the time of publishing this article, newghana24.com is aware of groups on social media that are gaining momentum towards the 2019 BECE and are charging not less than GHS100 to be added to what they call VIP groups or platforms for the supply of questions for the 2019 BECE.

What is the WEAC and Ghana education doing about this? The WEAC issues a statement on issues regarding altering results yet it is yet to come out in recent times on the subject as far as newsgahan24.com is aware.

It is important the Ghana Education Service and WEAC come out soon with public announcements and press releases on the matter and start rolling our adverts on the BECE and such issues to inform and educate the public.

The more such businesses and illegal activities thrive, the more it tells us that our students are becoming lazier when it comes to their books and preparing for examinations and our institutions in charge of examinations are losing the fight against examination malpractices.

The Ghana police can also help check some of these fraudsters who public advertise these illegal services and boldly attach their contacts alongside the service they purport to render.

It is a crime to engage in any form of illegal business and the selling of exams questions and solutions head of national exams such as the WASSCE and BECE must be taken with all the seriousness it deserves unless our laws as a nation on such matters have become toothless.

It is a laudable idea to release a 12 digit index numbering for BECE 2019 but tackling the Apor selling in the education sector needs urgent attention.



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