Video: Madina footbridge now a pool, Posses risk to school children

Madina footbridge now a pool and posses risk for commuters. Less than a year after the completion of the footbridge over the Madina stretch of road, school children, traders, and the general public are at risk of falling off the bridge due to the water that gets stuck on the footbridge after a downpour.

In a video footage sighted by newsghana24, school children are seen trying to avoid the floodwaters by walking on the shoulders of the footbridge whiles holding the metal barricades on the sides on the bridge. 

This is compelling school children to climb and cling onto the sides of the bridge just to cross the road to school. This is dangerous as a child can easily fall off onto the road. 

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This new development is sad and there is a need for the contractors to go back to the site to remedy the situation before commuters especially our children suffer any avodable accident. 

In an attempt to avoid the waterlogged bridge, school children may be compelled to cross the road at unapproved places again so as to avoid walking through the floodwaters on the footbridge.

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We call on contractors to take a critically look at the situation and deal with it. This proactive action will go a long way to save the footbridges along the Madina Adenta road and also prevent any form of avoidable accident on the bridge. 

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The footbridges were constructed after a series of accidents that led to the loss of lives. The death of the West African Secondary School student after she was knocked by a car while crossing the road led to a series of intense demonstrations which compelled government to construct the bridges to save lives. Let us save lives on the bridge as well.

Vidoe: Madina footbridge now a pool


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