Parent, be vigilant like a hen with chicks-Kidnapping is real


This Sunday and other previous days, I have observed certain attitudes of parents especially mothers. It is a common phenomenon on our roads sides that mothers or female guardians, most of who lead their young children to school or leave the kids to walk behind them unconcerned, randomly shouting at these young kids to walk faster.

Some go to the extreme of threatening to abandon them if they fail to do so. In this 21st century where the advancement of knowledge and technology is rapidly growing, the issue of kidnapping and abduction is increasingly getting more sophisticated.

This requires parents especially mothers to be more vigilant when walking their kids, particularly the very young ones to school, church, game parks, etc.

Take this scenario, for example, a mother with three young children trailing behind her on the dusty road whilst walking home. She’s on WhatsApp and engrossed in it so much so that she forgets at the moment that these vulnerable kids are following her.

A black BMW pulls a few meters away by the shoulders of the road but her attention is on her phone to the extent that she doesn’t even hear the man that alights from the car grabs the kid far behind covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

She realizes the damage done only after several minutes of browsing if which she turns her back to scream at the children for being slow.

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She could have avoided this uncertainty by not viewing her phone until she got home and held the hands of these vulnerable kids or at less make them walk before her.

This phenomenon I have just created in your mind’s eye happens all the time on our street. However, if parents are to behave like the hen that will peck any intruder who attempts to snatch her chicks of a nursing Lion who will oppose the robbing of her cubs except she is tranquilized, I firmly believe we can reduce the kidnapping of very young children.

Not leaving out the role of teachers, both in our mainstream schools, churches, Makaranta, etc. You also have a role to play by educating your pupils, especially those under age 8 that are more vulnerable to accepting petty gifts such as toffees, biscuits, chocolates, money, etc from strangers who could even sexual predators apart from being kidnappers.

Parents, teachers, and guardians! The message is this: be your number monitor of your kids’ movement and activities.



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