Support My School Project – Schools encouraged to join

Support My School Project (SMSP) is a developmental agenda initiated by to use the power of the media to connect schools in every part of the country that need help.

There are faith-based schools, public schools and privately owned schools that are struggling to provide quality education in a learner conducive and friendly environment. Some schools need just a little push to transform their school environment. Other schools in Ghana need materials, teaching aids and some help to reach their dreams.

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Sadly many of these schools don’t get the needed help. This sometimes is as a result of the inability of the schools to reach those who can help. In other instances, schools do not know who to turn to and where to go to seek help.

On other occasions, organizations, groups, individuals, NGOs, and philanthropists can not identify schools that are in need.

Support My School Project (SMSP)

Support My School Project by is to bring to the knowledge of civil society organizations, NGOs, corporate organizations, and individuals with the capacity to help or to seek help for our schools. 

We believe, helping these schools will also make organizations relevant stakeholders in meeting our societal and educational needs, help them achieve their corporate social responsibilities and improve on education as the overall main objective of this project.

Great ideas start small, we call on all organizations seeking to partner newsghana24 to reach out to theses schools in the hinterlands and cities to come on board. Together we are capable of delivering, supporting and reshaping the fortunes of basic schools in Ghana.

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Schools in deprived communities that need help, schools in the so-called cities that need help, faith base basic schools and private schools are all invited to be part of Support My School Project. Let us lift our selves up. Yes together we can give Ghanaians basic schools perfect changeovers. 

How to join Support My School Project

To join as a school or institution home and abroad, fill the relevant form and let us connect schools that need help with organizations that want to help. Kindly note that, you will need pictures to support your claims. CLICK JOIN NOW – FORM FOR SCHOOLS


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