Video: Father sleeps with four daughters in 10 years- Victim shares her pathetic story

“One night in my sleep I felt there was something moving under my nightwear, so I woke up to check what it was and it was my Dad, he held my lips and asked me not to scream or mention what has happened to anyone or else I’ll die,” she narrated.

These are the exat words of the now 27 year old lady whose virginity was broken by the dad. Her three other sisters suffered the same fate.

According to her, the act of incest began immediately after she completed Junior High School and has remained the case for the past 10 years.


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The lady who preferred to stay anonymous for fear of being stigmatized or disowned by her parents said, the experience has made her wonder whether the man she calls her father really fathered her.

According to her, her mother’s demeanor makes the situation scarier for her and her three sisters as she appears indifferent to several reports made to her.

“Sometimes I wonder if my parents are our real parents, my mother is an accomplice, she knows about what is happening, sometimes she set us up for him to have his way and the saddest part is how he sleeps with the one after me, she is cripple, I was hoping he would spare her because of her condition but no, my father sleeps with all of us,” she added.

The frustrated young lady says, her parents’ actions has forced her to contemplate suicide on a number of occasions.

“I don’t know why my father is doing this to us and now I do not have any feeling for any man apart from him, I once met a gentleman who wanted to marry me but our relationship collapsed, I didn’t feel anything for him” adding that “sometimes I feel like poisoning my father or reporting him to the police so my sisters and I can have our freedom but the thing is I have feelings for him and also do not want to bring shame unto our family” she added.

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