JUST IN: 2019/2020 GES Approved Subjects for Study Leave with Pay

The Ghana Education Service (GES) hasofficiallyreleased the subjects for the 2019/2020 study leave.

The release sighted by Newsghana24.com indicates 22 subject areashave been confirmed. Thus teachers who do not teach the subjects released may have their application for study leave turned down.

The reality is that many teachers apply totertiaryinstitutions to further their education ahead of such releases leading to challengesbecuase, they would have made financialcommitmentsin terms of fees ahead of such releases.

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Thefollowing are the 2019/2020 GES approved subjects for study leave with pay.

1. Physical Education

2. ICT – Information Communication Technology

3. French Language

4.English Language

5. Physics

6. Chemistry

7. Biology

8. Mathematics

9. Integrated Science

10. Special Education

11. Guidance and Counselling

12. Ghanaian Language (Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi etc)

13. Early Childhood

14. Visual Arts

15. History

16. Geography

17. Religious Studies

18. Social Studies

19. Technical Programmes

20. Supply and Logistics

21. Laboratory Technician

22. Library. Information Studies

The Ghana Education Service (GES) however allocated to the 2019/2020 GES approved subjects for study leave with pay a 60% quota to the following subjects:

Physical Education, ICT – Information Communication Technology, French Language, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Integrated Science

Also, a 30% quotawas allocatedto Special Education, Guidance and Counselling, Ghanaian Language (Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi, etc, Early Childhood, Visual Arts, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Social Studies, and Technical Programmes.

Finally, theremaining 10% quota of the 2019/2020 GES approved subjects for study leave with pay went to Supply and Logistics, Laboratory Technician and Library. Information Studies.

It has alsoindicatedthat the leaveis openedto both teachers and non-teaching staff offering ICT. Supply and Logistics, Laboratory Technician and Library and Information Studies programs are for only non-teaching staff

the study leave for 2019/2020 with pay is for.

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