If you can stay focus in negative situations, you can win

If you can stay focus in negative situations you can win. This is very true but how many of us stay focus in the face of negative situations, attitudes and people in our lives? Staying focus requires you to concentrate on the goal you have set for your self or your team. It means working hard to achieve the goal or goals irrespective of the negative situations that you are surrounded with.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is a man who is focused and knows what he is about. Are you ready to remain focus? Yes, you can!

Focus and Adapt to negative situations

Focused people are able to adapt to situations they find themselves in while avoiding all forms of distraction. 

For an employee, the negative situation around you may be the bad attitudes of colleagues at work that puts many including you off. They put you off because, you have allowed them to gain your attention hence, the needed energy to propel you to achieve targets that have been channeled toward an inner fight with your self.

If you stay focus in negative situations, you don’t keep thinking of how you will deal ruthlessly with them when they mess up with you the next time.

You are not overwhelmed by the condition and it does not impact you in any way but rather makes you strong. Be strong and face negative head-on like a winner. Pepper is hot yet warms survive in it. What about you?

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Acting in any way that derails your focus and goal attaining mindset will only make you feel heavy-hearted all day and in the end, you achieve less or nothing.

If you can stay focus in negative situations you can win, I bet you. Instead of reacting to the negative situation the wrong way, hold your breath.

Avoid every negative reaction

Avoid every negative reaction to a negative situation because you end up hurting your inner self. You have to be emotionally intelligent in dealing with the negative situation. If you decide to engage in any conflict, you only worsen your predicament.

Speak with patience. Be slow to speak, be slow to anger, remain humble and admit if you messed up your self. One thing you can do is to walk away from negative situations instead of responding.

The reality is that it is only losers who respond to negative situations in a negative way.  Do your best to calm your nerves down.  Be positive about your self and focus on the good things around you. In some instances, you can reaffirm to your self positive statements that will inspire confidence in your inner self.

Negative situations as learning curves

We all go through tough moments and such negative situations must serve as a learning curve to us all and not an opportunity to lose it all.

Don’t fight back, not fighting back does not in any way make you inferior. It makes you superior and shows your high sense of maturity. Remember its all about winning with your five sense intact, your heartbeat normal, your emotion stable and your inner strength increased. 

Appreciate and don’t depreciate in an attempt to win over negative people and situations around you. Always remember “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”—Robert H. Schuller.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond 

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