I have been in bed with my dad for 4 years, confessions of a 24-year-old lady

Incest is an abomination and in an age and time when anything is possible under the sun, a 24-year old beautiful lady has made some revealing confessions of sleeping with her own father for the last four years.

She started this sexual relationship with her biological dad at age 20 and she does not see anything wrong with it. Fox Fm in Takoradi was the venue for the mind blowing confessions when she informed Samuel Mensah known in the media circles as Blaq Sam that, she has a boyfriend, however, he cheated on her which compelled her to sleep with her dad.

Another reason for her action was that her mum treats her dad badly hence her pity for the dad.

She opened up as well saying that, her dad is not romantic nor wealthy but he is far better than other men she has had been in bed with.

To avoid been condemned she supported her act and decision with Genesis 19:31-35.
“The Bible is a two-edged sword and I like the part where it doesn’t speak against such relationships. There are a lot of people doing it and I don’t see anything wrong with that” She said.

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She was bold in her submissions and responses to the questions that were posed to her on the day. The interview and the outcome has left many listeners not only shocked but confused. The discussion on the subject matter has taken over many social media platforms with many for and against the act. The debate on this trending story has just begun. What is your take on her action and if you were in her shoes what would you have done differently?

Watch the video below as she makes the confession on Fox 103.1 FM:

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