Stop Wasteful “My First Day At School Spending”, Invest funds innovatively

Stop Wasteful My First Day At School Spending, Invest fund innovatively. It saddens my heart to see politicians try to play it smart every new academic year. They bring “crumbs” to our children entering school for the first time and call it “My first day atschool“.

All they do is to buy a few cheap biscuits and stationary, come to the schools and show off for just one day.

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Hence, if they cannot repeat this gesture on a daily basis, Yes, on a daily basis, the cheapest advise to them is to stop it now! Drop that Idea.

However, our children do not need a one day love and care, they need all year round love, respect and a dignified school environment.

Therefore, the question is, after that firstday atschool what next?. Our children are learning under trees, some do not have desks to seat on. Again, others do not have good classrooms to learn in . Others seat in death traps called school buildings to to learn.

Of what use and what good does a “My First Day At School” do to our feature doctors,lawyers, teachers, farmers, nurses and the like?

We haveintroduced a newcurriculum without books to match them, We haveintroduced a newway for teachers to prepare notes without notebooks to match the requirements. What is there tocelebratewhen children first enter the school environment as learners?

How to spend the Wasteful “My First Day At School” Cash

If our politicians do not have any out of the box ideas toimprove on teaching and learning, improve our school infratructure in public schools, permitme tosuggest the following “In the box” ideas and solutions on how they can use the funds they waste on biscuits and stationery.

1. TheDCEs,MPs, Ministers and othergovernmentappointees that go around on the first day of every academic year ineach of the regions in Ghana distributing such goodies should join hands. They should put the resources they want to use to buy such things together to provide desks or renovate school buildings. Better still, build a new one for the schools learning under tress.

This will surely be a better way to welcome children to school each new academic year. Our children eat biscuits every day, their parentsbuy exercise books for them as well. Stop Wasteful My First Day At School Spending.Stop Wasteful My First Day At School Spending,

2. The government should also innovate, set up a fund into which governmentappointeescontributejust 1% of their monthly earnings into voluntarily. Identify one school that needsinfrastructurein each region and work on them.

When school reopens, this facility will be the best “My first day at school” gift to these learners. In the University of Professional Studies, there is a fund like this into which staff andphilanthropistsdonate into. They use it to fund the cost of education for needy students of the school. Use yours to fund infratructure development.

If we put these two suggestions and others into action, we can give our children a better “My first day at school” experienceinstead of this one-day wonder thing wehave been doing every September. Drop the current My first day at school idea and think creatively to develop our schools. Stop Wasteful “My First Day At School Spending”, Invest funds innovatively.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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