MY WISH AS A STUDENT, happenings at University of Education Winneba


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As a student, my plea in the recent happenings and developments on campus is to call for immediate solutions to the countless grievances on campus and resumption of smooth academic activities with no hitches. And that should be the wish of the government and all stakeholders including my fellow students.

I/We are tired of the counter press conferences with no absolute solutions, tired of the demonstration here and there, tired of reading counter articles, tired of politicization, tired of interferences from all angles.

As a student my wish is to live in a peaceful and smooth academic environment, a democratic environment, live in a well-developed school in terms of infrastructural development such as lecture hall, hall of residence to accommodate more students, conference rooms, study centres, good WiFi, shuttle systems, security and good lighting both on campus and outside. Effective operation of the University facilities such as the Radio station etc.

I/We are tired of lifting chairs to lecture halls, we tired of the embarrassments and insecurity in the “homestall” and “quark” hostels we live in. We are tired of having to stay on only vantage points on campus to access fast WiFi, we are tired of walking on a dark road at night, we are tired of going to lectures and for only those in front to hear the lecturer speak, we are tired of paying huge sum of money to stay in so-called good hostels, we tired of walking to and fro from one Campus to another for lectures(we need shuttles).

My wish as a student is to witness development in U.E.W and that should be the plight of every student.

My wish is to have decent Jobs when we/I complete the University, UTAG, Alumni, SRC, Management, that should be your/our plight. Advocate for decent jobs for us, demonstrate on the streets for decent jobs for us. Alumni come and help let’s develop the school, management the school’s development is our plight. UTAG members we want to be like each and every one of you, the PhD holders, Doctor this Doctor that, that’s what I/we also hope for. This is my wish.

The development of the school, peaceful and democratic academic environment, jobs after school is what we want. Ministry of Education, fast track your solution methods.

The Ministry of Education, must with immediate effect call all parties and objectively resolve the issues once and for all. The ministry maybe is doing well but I think fast-tracking their work is my plight.

Maybe Mr President has to come in with solutions Now, reopen U.E.W now.

We/I don’t need one-sided or partial solutions to the issues, we want absolute healing at U.E.W.

We want to come back to campus as soon as possible in peace, we want to graduate in July as planned.

If it will take petitioning the office of the presidency to come back to campus as soon as possible, i will.

Fellow Students, Join me.





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