Youth Employment Agency unfairly seizes Exit Fund of beneficiaries

News reaching is that the Youth Employment Agency owes many of the 2016 batch of beneficiaries who completed their service in 2018 their Exit Fund. The disgruntled recruits are calling on the goverment to act now.

The Exit Fund is like a provident fund into which Gh₵45.00 is deducted and paid into from the monthly earnings of beneficiaries for the number of months they worked.

Upon completion of their service, the government agency, which is the Youth Employment Agency, must pay the funds into the accounts of those who were employed.

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Almost a year after completion and exiting from the NYA module, beneficiaries including Community Teaching Assistance Module recruits have not been paid their Exit Funds.

All efforts to get this paid have not yielded any positive results.

The appointment letters of the recruits indicate the deductions were to be made and then paid to them upon completion but the government has breached the contract of engagement by failing to pay them.

However, per our source, 15 members of the Berekum NYA’ s CTA members have received their Exit Funds while the remaining have not.

This anomaly according to sources is widespread and affects other modules.

Per the information gathered, these payments were agreed to be made in batches to owners of the fund but each time it due to pay a particular batch, only some people are paid and the rest are left unattended to creating a backlog of many unpaid recruits that have exited the programs.

Sadly, the agency is reluctant to pay back funds deducted from the stipends of beneficiaries for the three years they worked with the agency.

Former NYA recruits who completed their service in 2018 are calling on the government to treat this matter as an urgent one as they prepare to go on a nationwide demonstration to register their displeasure.

Many of them fear that their funds might have been misused, not kept properly or some other fishy deal might have occurred.

Our correspondent and source in Berekum have revealed that the situation is appalling in the Bone East Region as well. While some of the few who have been paid received, Ghc1400.00 others received Ghc1100.00 and as low as Ghc400.00 for the three years contributions they made to the Exit fund on a monthly basis.

However, they are all supposed to receive the same amount because the deduction was made at source.

The ex NYA recruits are also demanding explanations for the discrepancies in payments made so far and the silence of the officers over the payment. Beneficiaries do not know when their funds will be credited into their accounts.

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