GES’s Inefficient Placement Portal: 1000s of self placements canceled without explanations 

Parents, Guardians, and students who did take advantage of the self-placement system have had their hopes of secondary school education dashed by the GES.

All the GES has done is to come out with a Memo apologizing to students, parents and the general public.

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It said in an attached message to the press release on its official Facebook handle that

“All students who did self-placement between 9th and 11th September should go back to the self-placement module to select a school. Management sincerely apologizes for the inconveniences caused to students, parents and the general public.”

Why should students and parents suffer dues to an inefficient portal owned by government

GES’s Inefficient Placement Portal: 1000s of self placements canceled

One question on the minds of Ghanaians is can’t the tech officers of the GES retrieve the data captured by their system on the 9th and 11th September? 

What was the problem? Should students suffer from the inefficient system introduced at the expense of the taxpayer? 

Many students and parents traveled across the country to their various schools only to be told they should go and redo the self-placement. 

Not only was precious time lost, but parents and their wards risked their lives travelling long distances and suffered financial losses in terms of transportstion cost. 

GES’s Inefficient Placement Portal Frustrates Parents

In an interview with, a parent who got her child placed at 2:00 am on 11th September could not hide her frustration and anger.

She felt very cheated and disrespected as she went to the Western Region only to be asked to come and do another self placement. 

Other students who trooped to cafes nearby lamented bitterly because, they virtually spent the whole day and night at the internet cafe to get placed and could not come to terms with ithe news that they had to redo the self placement. 

“I spent my savings of GHS100.00 to travel to Anum Presby Senior High only to be told, my name is not there, how?” one student asked.

sadly, many got home and acessed the schools available but could not get a “good” school to choose from.

At the time of this publication, only schools in the Volta region were available for those interested in enjoying boarding facilities. 

For those in Accra seeking to attend day schools, there were no options available to choose from. 

Stop doing this to our children and let everyone in charge of making decisions and acting in this regard wake up, be proactive and resourceful.

We demand value for money from the GES and ask that, the team in charge with these systems start serious preparation towards the 2020 BECE school selection and registration system now. 

The same seriousness must be put into the school placement system. We want an efficient system that will be ready even before the 2020 BECE is written

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond 

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